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Local Leafy Greens, Grown for Community

Emerge Aquaponics Boasts 20,000 Square Feet of Greenhouses

The expansive Black Forest that kisses the border of Colorado Springs holds dozens, maybe hundreds of farms. Big. Small. Private. Commercial. All sourcing incredibly healthy, wonderfully flavorful food grown by people with passion and patience for growing produce at high altitudes.

Emerge Aquaponics is just off of Shoup Road after entering the Forest’s territory. It boasts a set of greenhouses that extend over 20,000 square feet. Inside their humid domes, there is an entire aquaponics system that saves 80 percent of water use while they grow their leafy greens!

With the help of a few dozen volunteers, they’re proud to be able to make donations to organizations like the Springs Rescue Mission. Emerge Aquaponics welcomes the community by way of school tours and neighborhood and family volunteers helping to harvest their lettuce and to help keep the operation growing.

Any day of the week, the public is welcome to stop by their farmer’s stand to buy some greens; however, they're harvested and most fresh on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you’re a farmer's market fan, you can stop by their stand at the Old Colorado City or Black Forest's farmer's markets.

Facebook + Instagram: @EmergeAquaponics