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The Almodovars

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How a Houston Couple Built a Real Estate Empire

When Nancy Almodovar started her real estate company, only two people told her she could do it — her mother and husband, Jose.

Everyone else told Nancy she shouldn’t start a real estate company, questioned how she would make it happen, or told her not to. But Nancy and Jose had something no one else did — a shared vision.

Fast-forward eight years later, and Nancy’s luxury real estate company is one of the largest in Houston, with Nancy as CEO and Jose as chief operation officer (COO). They’re a testament to the power of local love, and here is their story.

The Early Years

Born in Chicago, Nancy moved to Houston early in life with her parents and two younger sisters.

Her journey to becoming a successful real estate mogul began while growing up in Houston. She was 18 years old, and her dad worked in construction.

“That sparked my interest in real estate, which then directed me to help flip homes,” she recalls. “Being raised by entrepreneurs and helping in the family business at an early age helped me become the person I am today.”

Nancy met Jose while they attended the University of Houston.

“We met through mutual friends, and it was love at first sight,” she says.  

They later married at the Annunciation Church in downtown Houston, financing their wedding with money earned while house flipping.

Building a Life Together

The couple continued to build a life together, welcoming two children — Manny and Kamila, now 11 and 12.

Even with the added responsibility of raising a family, their experience flipping houses pushed Nancy to pursue a real estate career.

“I started working for an icon of Houston real estate,” she recalls. “She was tough, and I learned a lot from her. I reached a point in my career where I wanted more, and I wanted to do it my way. Since I couldn’t find a brokerage that supported my idea, I decided to open my own.”

She proposed launching a firm to Jose, who was supportive, helping analyze her business plan and ideas for growing the company. She set up an office in the kitchen — with her kids running around her — and decided to name the company after what her grandmother called her: “Nan.”

In 2014, she officially launched Nan and Company Properties. She had one other realtor and a vision to fill a gap in the marketplace for luxury real estate. 

She also wanted to be a one-stop shop for foreign nationals. In just a year, her sales surged to $4 million.

By year seven, that number skyrocketed to a staggering half billion. Nancy reflects on her journey.

“The day I started Nan from my kitchen table was July 14, 2014,” she recalls. “In 2016, the city of Houston recognized this day with a proclamation by the mayor, declaring it ‘Nan Day.’”

Through it all, Nancy and Jose work hard to maintain a work-life balance.

“Family life is all about balance,” she says. “God, family and real estate are what I stand for, and there is nothing more valuable than familial bonds.”  

Nancy strives to create an office environment conducive to success while ensuring her family spends quality time together. 

“We love to bike around Allen Parkway, and Vinoteca Poscol is our favorite family restaurant,” she says. “I feel blessed, and thank God every day for my life.”

A Growing Empire

Nancy and Jose’s business savvy and chemistry helped grow their technology-based real estate firm, which now employs over 100 agents.

Nancy values her team and sees them as family. That’s why they’re called the “Nan Fam.”

“The relationships I have forged mean everything to me,” she says. “Real estate is an industry that does not recognize any glass ceilings, and for those who work hard, anything can be achieved.”

But it’s not just about real estate. The couple is active in various charities, including the Houston Children Give Back, Learn Grow Lead and the St. Anne Foundation.

The Future

Nancy and Jose are constantly looking for ways to expand the business.

They have a long-term plan for growth that includes Nan achieving $1 billion in volume production. This husband-and-wife team is a model of what it means to be a “power couple” and an inspiration for couples wanting to make it big in business without sacrificing family life or their values.

Nancy has this advice for couples who live and work together. 

“Communication is key, and making sure your goals align,” she says. “Also, make sure you understand each other’s roles. We always leave work at work.”

Even after being together for about 20 years and married for 17, she still gets butterflies when she sees Jose. 

“It’s important to never stop dating,” she says. “We have date nights once a week, and he brings me coffee every morning. I always make sure he eats lunch because we get so busy, and he forgets. We always think of one another at work and at home.”

The dynamic power couple proves that dreaming big, working hard and believing in yourself can make even the loftiest goals a reality, especially when you have the support of a loving partner.

“Jose is the fiercest champion I have on my side,” she says. “I could not ask for a better human to accompany me on this journey called life.”

Their story is one of love, family and success — and it all started here in Houston.

 “Family life is all about balance,” she says. “God, family and real estate are what I stand for, and there is nothing more valuable than familial bonds.”  

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