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A Bunch of Local Podcasts

Want to learn something interesting? Look no further than local! Here’s  a few Westport podcasts, available wherever you like to find podcasts.

Oh Brother, Not Another Podcast

Miggs and Trace Burroughs

“Our focus is on fascinating people, famous or otherwise, with interesting stuff to say or secrets to spill. My brother Trace does most of the booking with help from a friend in Hollywood or we contact local people we know that are Westport personalities like Dan Woog, John Videler, Scott Bryce, Jim Mapes, poet laureate Diane Lowman, and oyster farmer Rachel Precious, among others.”

Sponsored by the Library and the Quick Center for the Arts.

Nina’s Got Good News

Nina B. Clarke

A top-rated podcast that focuses on good stories and positive people, but also manages to keep it real. Her interviews range from makeup mogul Bobbi Brown to local entrepreneurs Julie Mountain and Dana Noorily of The Granola Bar.

The mission of her podcast is to get better together as a community in the audio space.


Our MBC Life

Lisa Laudico, Victoria Goldberg, Natalia Green

“Launched in July 2020 by myself [Lisa Laudico] along with a small group of individuals living with metastatic breast cancer, MBC Life provides the stories and critical information needed by others also living with this disease.  We highlight the experts (oncologists and researchers) who help make our lives better.

“While the podcast is supported by SHARE Cancer Support, it continues to be hosted, edited, and produced by those living with MBC. In other words, this podcast is completely in the control of the patient community we serve.”

Recipient of the 2021 Anne Grant Leadership in Advocacy Award from the Board of Directors of SHARE Cancer Support

Finalist for best podcast for the WEGO Health Awards in September 2021.

The Fiscal Firecrackers

Galia Gichon, Susan Yeagley

A half-hour funny-finally-meets-money podcast hosted by dynamic duo Susan Yeagley and Galia Gichon. New regular episodes tackle personal finance subjects from investing, budgeting, home finance, love and money, and much more - all interlaced with funny personable stories from Susan!

Susan Yeagley is a renowned comedic actress including playing "Jessica Wicks" on the hit NBC show, Parks and Recreation. Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 20 years experience and Jill Leiderman is a late night TV veteran who has produced alongside Jon Stewart, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel.


06880: The Podcast

Dan Woog

“My podcast is an extension of my blog, “Where Westport Meets the World.” They’re casual conversations with some of the most interesting people from every niche of Westport. The only requirement is that they be intriguing, fun, and able to hold up their end of a conversation.

"Each chat is different and unscripted. But there are some themes: What got you to Westport? What kept you here? How did you become the person you are? What’s your life like, professionally and personally? How does it fit into the life of this town? What’s ahead, for you and for all of us?”


Ruden Report

David Ruden

“I’m Dave Ruden, editor of The Ruden Report which covers Fairfield County high school sports. I have been running the site for nearly nine years and I have covered the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference for nearly four decades. I worked at the Stamford Advocate for nearly 20 years and have freelanced for the New York Times and CBS Sports. Clearing The Bases is an FCIAC baseball podcast and part of The Ruden Report Podcast Network. Second-Chance Points is an FCIAC basketball podcast.”

Edited at Verso Studios


Stories from the Playhouse

Liam Lonegan, Playhouse Assistant Artistic Director

Created to inspire artists, audiences, and community members. The monthly series will feature guests from all corners of the theater world sharing their stories. 

“This podcast builds an avenue to dive deeper into the work on our stage, by telling stories that changed the way our guests look at themselves and the greater American theater. These stories are the single most powerful way we can connect with our artists, and with each other.”

Connecticut Music Oral History

Brendan Toller

Deep-dive interview series with musicians, artists, conduits, collectors, and dedicated fans focusing on 20th century Connecticut music history across all genres. This project preserves narratives, heralds unsung movers and shakers, and defines Connecticut’s influential role in cultural history.

Recorded at Verso Studios

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