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Local Realtor Katie Gray Makes Community A Priority

Katie Gray moved to the Nashville area from Texas after her father, who died from cancer, urged her to go after the dreams that felt big and scary. After an initial year of trying out the city, Katie felt that her life was changed for the better.

Katie, her husband and two boys have called Thompson’s Station home since 2012. What was once a more rural area with mooing cows greeting them in the mornings has turned into a booming area of growth. Their home that was once the only one on the street is now surrounded by 900 other houses. “We love the small town feel, while being close to cities which have all the amenities we need. The proximity to the highway makes Thompson's Station extremely convenient for a commuter,” says Katie. Katie’s mom and stepdad live only 5 houses down from them so it’s made the area feel like home.

During the process of building their home, Katie was encouraged to pursue a career in real estate, and she’s been going full speed ahead ever since.With the Nashville housing market continuing to explode, Katie’s advice is not to wait and see if the market will slow down. She also suggests considering investing in land. “Once the land is bought up, there’s no more of it to buy, so don’t pass that opportunity by. There are many builders we can connect you with to build your dream home.”

Katie says that waiting in this market is ultimately going to cost you because the prices just keep rising. “Data does not support any slowing in this market for the foreseeable future and waiting to buy that new home could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. It is not unreasonable to have a home selling for $100,000 more a year from now, and with the experts not predicting any slowing for Williamson County, this is only expected to continue to increase. Waiting in this market is only costing you," she adds.

Being transparent to clients is very important to Katie. She wants her clients to know her as a person first and then as their realtor. “As someone who is social and a people person by nature, this comes easily for me. My family places high priority on our involvement within our community whether that be through my job as a realtor, our gym in Franklin, our church family, children’s sports, or community events. I truly believe in building a business based on integrity and doing what I know I’m good at, which is loving on people. Ultimately real estate is a people business and I’m happy knowing I’ve served my community well,” states Katie.