Local Students Find Their Home at The Guitar Sanctuary

Christen Warren grew up learning an instrument, but like most, stopped as she went through school. As she got older, she missed playing and having something for herself. When her eight-year-old son, Jake, showed an interest in learning music The Guitar Sanctuary quickly became their home.

Located in the heart of Adriatica, The Guitar Sanctuary offers private, one-on-one guitar lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons, bass lessons, and ukulele lessons. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician or learning to play has always been something on your bucket list, The Guitar Sanctuary Performance Academy is the perfect place for you.

As Managing Partner at The Guitar Sanctuary, Shane Frame's main role is to build the student base and help mentor the 18 instructors at the Performance Academy. Frame works diligently to make sure each student, whether 6 years old or 76 years old, and their families, feel the Performance Academy is their sanctuary. Ten years ago, Frame started looking at his current students to determine which ones would make good instructors and now uses his student base to help build his teacher base. Having a long-term relationship with his instructors allows him to match the right teacher with the right student. 

Jake (17), Beck (16), and Elle (11) Warren all are part of The Guitar Sanctuary Performance Academy family.

Shane Frame

Shane Frame is a professional musician and Managing Partner at The Guitar Sanctuary. Frame grew up in Texas and got involved in music at a young age, watching and listening to his grandfather play. His parents were extremely supportive of his love for music and helped him get involved early, at only nine years old. As a teenager, Frame started playing publicly in church, which allowed him to become a multi-instrumentalist. Over the next 20 years, Frame’s career took him to Nashville working in multiple fields of the music industry, from playing to education to retail to management.

Frame has been with The Guitar Sanctuary since 2011 and his role is overseeing and mentoring teachers and the day-to-day operations. Frame believes The Performance Academy plays a large role in helping give teenagers positive role models and mentors while helping build confidence and a sense of purpose. He is a “girl dad” to two amazing women and a grandparent of two granddaughters and a grandson. You can catch Frame playing around the DFW area and other parts of Texas.

Jake Warren

Jake started taking guitar lessons in 2012 when he was eight years old. At a young age, he showed a lot of interest in learning. Music was a great way to challenge him and keep him engaged. Jake is a very motivated self-learner and enjoys playing for himself and those close to him. Each summer he loves taking his guitar to Pine Cove Camp and playing while sitting around with his fellow campers. Jake currently is taking lessons from Scott Stine. Jake’s mother, Christen, says that goal is to keep encouraging Jake to learn and hopes he continues playing for himself and others after he graduates high school next spring.

Jake is an incoming senior at McKinney Boyd High School. He plays baseball locally for United Baseball and has also played for McKinney Boyd. He was a catcher from age eight and made the change to pitcher last year after having knee surgery. Jake has been a very active MISD PAL participant since junior high and loves working with the kids in the community.

Beck Warren

Beck started out taking guitar lessons at seven years old, but then quickly moved over to the piano. He began lessons in 2012 when Christen felt it was important for Beck to have something to be responsible for and to keep him focused each day. He enjoys the challenge of learning and watching himself progress as a player. Beck is currently taking lessons from Cameron Herren and Julia Hu.

Beck is an incoming junior at McKinney Boyd High School. Everything Beck tries he does well.

He was a competitive gymnast up until two years ago when he chose to move on from gymnastics to play different sports and pursue other interests. He has played lacrosse and football, and is currently challenging himself with learning to box. In his spare time, you can find him working at Rick’s Chophouse in downtown McKinney.

Elle Warren

Elle started taking lessons in 2017 when she was six years old. She wanted to do everything her big brothers did and chose the piano because the guitar just was not loud enough. Christen felt it was important for Elle to have something for herself and to keep her learning new things. Elle has been working hard on learning the fundamentals and gets excited about learning Christmas music. Her goal is to stay interested and challenge herself just a little bit more each week. Elle is currently taking lessons from Julia Hu.

Elle is an incoming sixth grader at Cockrill Middle School. Christen describes her as a fun and sassy 11-year-old. Elle’s interests are playing volleyball, arts and crafts, vampire movies, Elvis and “hanging” with her friends. She has recently taken up ice skating, which she loves. In addition to the piano, Elle will be pursuing the cello in middle school.

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