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Paige Hulsey KMOV Personality and Children's Book Autho Photo by Untold Images

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These Ladies Share Answers To Their Favorite 'Mom-Related Memories'

Lifestyle asked several lovely ladies what was their favorite memory about their mother or what is their favorite memory as a mom. They shared sentimental reminiscences. And, to our mothers who have passed on, thank you for loving and guiding us. Even though you're no longer here with us, you're still in our hearts. We miss you dearly.

Paige Hulsey
KMOV Personality and Children's Book Author 

One of Paige's favorite things about being a mom, she shares, is witnessing the joy her boys find in both the big and small as they experience the world. "Whether they're catching fish or helping me bake, they bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to my life," she says. "My mom was, and continues to be, so great at creating extraordinary memories during ordinary days. I hope I'm doing the same for my boys."

Paige grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors and still enjoys spending free time on her family farm. Her debut children's book, A Bad Day Fishing is available online at Paige is also a storyteller on TV, reporting and anchoring on KMOV.

She says, "I released my first book late last year and now I’m hooked, pun intended. The story is about a boy, Jack, and his best friend, a puppy named Bud, who set out for a day of fishing but everything goes wrong. The pair has to persevere together to find the good throughout their bad day. I think it’s a lesson that resonates with children and adults alike."

Writing books has been a wonderfully therapeutic creative outlet for her, she says, adding that she runs her ideas by her sons first to gauge their reaction. "They often join me for storytime at local businesses and libraries. I’m moved every time a parent or child tells me they chose my book for a bedtime story.

Jennifer Blome
Jennifer & Wendy Show KTRS

Jennifer's mother had five children within seven years. "She was a really fun mom," quips Jennifer. "Each one of us was allowed to play hooky from school one day each year to have a Mom Day. She made us promise not to tell our Dad. We kept that promise. When I hit 40, I told my Dad." 

Her father's response: “Of course I knew." Jennifer still wonders whether her mother was testing their abilities to keep a secret. 

Jennifer's passion within her radio job is to highlight nonprofits. When off-air, she says she loves cooking and working out. 

Pollyanna is Jennifer's fur kid. She adopted her from the APA when working there as director of humane education. "I saw her one morning before we opened. I already had three dogs, but my best friend was looking for a cute, white dog. I took her to my office and texted my friend: "You have 45 minutes to reply if you want her.” However, Jennifer says after 30 minutes, she was in love! "I texted my BFF, Pattie, back and stated: "Too late, she’s adopted!” Pollyanna is about to turn 10. My best friend understood!"

Chelsea Haynes
Host, Studio STL, Fox 2 KTVI and KPLR

Some of the best memories Chelsea has with her mom are "just still moments of us in bed, just talking." When hundreds of miles away from each other, she says those small little moments during holidays are some of her favorites.

"I love my best friend," declares Chelsea. 

When not on air, she reveals that she enjoys hiking, reading and traveling the world. 

Julie Tristan
KEZK Radio Personality

One of Julie's favorite memories with her mom is when they went to Hawaii together. She recalls, "It was probably about 20 years ago. She’s a scientist, so she had a science convention to go to, and I got to tag along! It was so much fun going to a luau with her and relaxing in the ocean."

Julie says she fell in love with Hawaii so much from that special trip, she ended up going back to The Aloha State to get married there to her true love in February.

When not working, Julie's loving on four-legged kids. 

"One of my passion projects is helping rescue dogs," adds Julie, who serves on the board of directors at Stray Rescue and CARE STL. "I love getting the message out about rescue dogs and how amazing they are as pets. Also, I love adopting senior dogs. I’ve adopted 14 dogs (not all at once). I have two dogs right now: Bill Burr from Stray Rescue and Mason from the Humane Society."

Mary Caltrider
Show Me St. Louis Host

"Growing up, my mom would have an egg sandwich, cup of fruit (maybe a Diet Coke; ha!) and a vitamin ready to go before school. Then, she'd send me out the door with a packed lunch," says Mary. "Every birthday, I'd wake up to my door decorated with streamers. She also was my volleyball coach. She made silly promises like ‘if we didn't miss a serve, she'd do a cartwheel.’"

As adults, Mary says a visit with mom means waking up to yoga mats and water bottles ready, then going for a walk before heading to Mass. "When reflecting on favorite memories with my mom, I cannot help but notice how she perfectly captures Mother Teresa’s message of ‘do small things with great love.’ It wasn't the fancy vacations, but the love she showed me in life's little moments, which shaped me into who I am today."

When not on air, Mary can be found with the Daughters of St. Paul, a community of vowed religious women who dedicate their lives to sharing God's love through the media. 

Laura Hettiger
Anchor/Host and Founder of Laura's Run 4 Kids

Sharing that she's always wanted to be a mom, Laura was very close to her grandma. "I talk to my mom sometimes up to four times a day. There are so many vivid memories I have with these women: shopping together, laughing on holidays, crying through hard times and enjoying afternoon 'tea time' at my grandma’s house."

She says these special relationships guided so much of her life. "I prayed God would bless my husband, Mark, and me with our own children. We welcomed our son, Leo, in December of 2022 and we'll soon welcome our second child. I already have so many memories I cherish with Leo, like seeing his first smile, hearing him laugh for the first time and clapping when he took his first steps. I know I'm going to love seeing him as a big brother."

Laura joined the board of directors for the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery and The Little Bit Foundation. "I also love running, which is why in 2018, I started Laura’s Run 4 Kids benefiting The Little Bit Foundation," she says. "In the seven years since, we have raised over $500,000 together. All that money stays in our area, helping students break down barriers to learning in the Saint Louis Public Schools, Riverview Gardens District, Jennings School District and several other schools."

Laura’s Run 4 Kids is an annual tradition for hundreds of families, businesses and others across the community. Combining a competitive 5K Race with a 1-mile family Fun Run/Walk, the event draws St. Louisans of every age. This year's run was held on April 20 at Tower Grove Park.

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It's the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary; it’s an act of infinite optimism.” ~Gilda Radner

"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws." ~Barbara Kingsolver, Homeland and Other Stories

"Mothers remind us it's not about the size of the obstacles we face, but rather the size of our courage and determination to overcome them."

“Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.” ~Barbara Walters

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  • Paige Hulsey KMOV Personality and Children's Book Autho Photo by Untold Images
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  • Julie Triston KEZK Radio Personality