The Fragrance of Fall

Tee Gee Goodes brings uniquely curated scent profiles to your home just in time for the holidays.

The leaves are turning, the temperature finally has a slight chill, and the aroma of fall is in the air.

What exactly defines the aroma of fall and can it be captured?  On a cool Thursday, at the beginning of the season, we visited the studio of Tee Gee Goodes to find out. Tee Gee Goodes is a clean ingredient candle and home scent brand that has taken our community by storm. If you haven’t seen her on Instagram or in a local boutique yet, you will soon. Taylor Gass-Oster is the genius behind Tee Gee Goodes and was more than happy to share the scents and secrets of her fall line of candles, wax melts and room refresher sprays (that are skin safe), just in time to get our homes ready for the holidays.

Soufflé is new to Taylor’s fall collection. She selected the name because it sounds very luxurious. She studied recipes and the ultimate result is a pumpkin marshmallow scent that smells like you have a fall soufflé baking in the oven, without the effort or calories!

Ember, one of Taylor's favorites, brings to mind a fall bonfire night. Its scent notes are amber, charred wood, vanilla and smoke. This is an awesome scent to burn not only in the house, but outside on your patio on fall evenings. Its sophisticated woodsy element mixed with the vanilla is brilliant.

New Salem's bewitching spice scent is an homage to Taylor's memories of the New Salem fair in north Georgia as a child. Taylor wanted to create a memory of her childhood and the name is perfect for autumn.

 Last is Wilde Roots. Its scent notes are dew, vetiver, thyme, amber resin, petit grain. Taylor's favorite way to enjoy Wilde Roots is to blend, one Soufflé melt with two Wilde Roots melts. Taylor explains, “Soufflé + Wilde Roots is your husband taking you to the pumpkin patch and taking the perfect selfie. You’re living your best life!”

Taylor, a second-generation crafter, recalls memories of what the holidays and seasons lend to our sense of smell, curating the ultimate luxury for your home. The Tee Gee Goodes studio is on the lower level of August & House in the historic Edgefield town square, It was beautifully restored by Larry and William Miller. Her studio's neutral colors, along with the faint folk music playing in the background provide a calming environment for Taylor to create.

Taylor quit her nine-to-five job as a graphic designer in 2021 to live out her dream of entrepreneurship. She is now curating blends that we can enjoy and feel safe using around our families. She uses soy and coconut wax with cotton wicks. Her first scents were Haus and Salt, which frankly are what successful peoples’ homes smell like, that "put together" sophistication we all strive to exude. Their distinct formula is elegant and potent at the same time. Next came Hygge (Taylor's go-to) which is literally the Danish word for cozy. There have been many more including Sweet Bread, which she says is inspired by her grandmother's baking, and French Press which smells more like coffee than your favorite coffee shop.

Tee Gee also offers body scrubs and bath essentials! Follow @teegeegoodes on Instagram to get to know Taylor, her musings and adventures. You can purchase Tee Gee Goodes locally at TumbleWeed and Aiken Center for the Arts.

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