Logan Papp

A Rising Star in the World of Country Music

Not many teens can say they have hung out in honky-tonks and performed in front of sell-out crowds. But for Logan Papp, a 15-year-old Dripping Springs High School sophomore, that has become the norm.

Growing up as the third of four boys, Logan and the Papp family planted roots in Dripping Springs when he was just 3 years old. Coming from Houston, it was here in Dripping that he embarked on his musical journey at a young age.  

The Papp family has always been musically inclined, each brother with a gift. A sparked interest in the fiddle from the youngest Papp brother, Colton, is what inspired Logan to try the guitar at age 8, landing the family at Hudson’s on Mercer. When the pandemic halted his lessons, it didn’t deter young Papp. Logan essentially taught himself and began writing his own music. At age 9, Logan wrote his first song about living in Texas.

Chad Hudson, seeing such great talent in young Papp, and after seeing him perform at Founders, shared a video of Logan playing “Pound Sign” at just 9 years old with country music star and friend, Kevin Fowler. This ultimately led to Papp playing with Fowler at Fowler’s birthday party in 2017.

Hudson’s on Mercer quickly became Logan’s musical playground as his passion began to grow. Another pivotal moment for Papp came at 11 years old; his instructor couldn’t make it to a show and sent Logan in his place to perform at the 7A Ranch in Wimberley. This momentous experience marked the true beginning of his journey as a performer.

His talent and hard work continue to turn heads. Logan was nominated for Young Artist of the Year at the Texas Country Music Awards (TCMAs) held at Billy Bob’s and had the opportunity to open for Stoney LaRue this past September.

Drawing from a diverse range of genres, finding creativity in rock, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and classics like “Paint it Black,” Papp shows little favoritism in his listening. But when it comes to playing, it’s country music that flows in his veins, and it’s what he loves to perform.

His performances reflect his character: a humble guy, a light-hearted jokester, with a heart of gold. Papp captivates his audiences with his authentic and raw talent. Taking requests and engaging with the crowd to give everyone the feeling that they are family. 

The songwriting process comes naturally to Logan, as he catches a tune in his head and jots it down on the Notes app on his phone. It all starts with a melody, and the words follow suit. His creative process is a reflection of Logan’s natural gift.

As a young artist, Logan faces unique challenges, with school being a significant one. An exemplary student who is also involved in football, wrestling, and FFA, his love for music makes the balancing act hard at times. Another challenge being that the music industry is teeming with young talent made more visible through the lens of social media. Yet, Logan’s commitment to authenticity and staying true to his musical roots sets him apart.

Although it may seem to be, it’s not a one-man show. Papps’s journey is a family affair, brimming with support. His dad plays the role of equipment manager, his mom takes care of the social side, and his brothers are his biggest fans. They provide the honesty and encouragement needed to keep him grounded and level-headed.

Logan’s ultimate goal is twofold. As a kid, he aspires to graduate. As an artist, his dream is to release an EP, a significant milestone for any musician.

When asked if there’s anyone he’d like to thank, Logan expresses his gratitude to his family, Hudson’s, Braydon Zink, Clint Holtzendorf, and Madison Rodges. Bart Roy Burke from Bart Roy Productions gave him the Stoney LaRue gig and Brad Thomas, the Founders Day commissioner, who booked him on the main stage.

In a world where young artists are on the rise, Logan Papp stands out not just for his musical gifts but for his dedication to staying true to himself. With passion, authenticity, and unwavering support from loved ones, there is no doubt we will be seeing him on the big stage for a long time to come.

To find upcoming performances, follow Logan Papp on social media at @loganpappmusic.

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