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Look to Lighting

For an interior refresh, lighting offers a bright solution

Meet Frank Therrien of Georgia Lighting.

JCCL: Lighting is everything! Home should be a place of refuge and thoughtful and indirect lighting can really set a scene. Tell us about a few of the lesser-known options in interior lighting. Or, new products you are loving.

FT: We… and our customers… are really getting a kick out of the newest generation of ceiling fans. There’s been something of a reset in size and style because the industry has paid so much attention to this category. In particular, the blades are increasingly integrated with the motor for a seamless look. There are innovations like blades that spread out to create a normal-scale fan when air movement is needed, but retract to form what appears to be a standard pendant. Very neat. These get a lot of oohs and aahs!

Lots of homes have rooms with a single overhead light fixture and/or fan. Whether it’s a kitchen, family room or master closet… if you’re not happy with that single light, consider a fixture that can bring both style and more light to the room. From Hinkley’s “Axel” fixture – a designer favorite at $1,049 – to Lark’s “Millie at $275,” it’s surprisingly easy to update a space that was formerly a challenge.

Another thing to consider is something we call “light layering”.  It’s a great way to add visual interest and added function to a room. If you have a room that’s either under an accessible attic space or above an unfinished basement (or one with dropped ceilings), adding sconces to that room could be easier than you think.  But only embark on this journey with a licensed electrician!

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