Looping Hormones into Wellness and Weight Loss

We’ve had a year to “recover” from COVID, but inexplicably the zipper on her favorite Halston evening gown stops stubbornly 6 inches from the top and his tuxedo pants won’t close. Now that we’ve got somewhere to dress up and go TO, we can’t seem to squeeze our post-pandemic selves into our going-out garb. It isn’t fair. But, neither is it hopeless.

Monica Unni, MS, PA-C, didn’t spend 17 years as an emergency room physician’s assistant without knowing how to respond to a crisis. She opened Loop Wellness Clinic in downtown Leesburg because she wanted to invest more of her time and expertise in her patients. Numerous specialties beckoned, but none “spoke” to her until she started a vitamin IV clinic and began to layer on the medical treatments that could address patients’ search for better health and energy. Elite athletes, particularly tennis players, were the first to recognize the benefit of Loop's health-giving drips and injections, but such treatments also can address the symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Going a bit deeper into what ails us, performance, movement and energy all are tied to hormone therapy, because hormone health underlies so many of our complaints related to aging. “The core of what is important for every person, and the core of what I believe in, is balancing your hormones,” says Monica. “We opened up Loop to manage patients’ hormones and then to provide those services that can complement that.”

A full DNA analysis typically accompanies any treatment, as Monica relies on her years of clinical experience to determine how best to address what may be causing a patient’s inability to lose weight, get a good night’s sleep, or sustain an active life. Weight loss therapy is Monica's next compelling concern for her clients. “My goal isn't to have you come here and get the weight off and then you’re on your own. We’re not nutritionists here, but we can help you plan your eating and exercise properly so you don’t just gain the weight back... Wellness starts with a body that is in balance. Then all manner of good things happen.”

No matter how often you work out or how nutritious your diet, however, there are always “problem areas” where fat cells congregate and seem impossible to dislodge. For this complaint, there are Monica's miracle machines. Her in-office Emsculpt NEO works by combining the technologies of radio frequency heat to burn fat and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to build muscle. The treatments are FDA-approved to literally melt fat and build muscle in targeted areas. Just four treatments of 30-minutes each, 5-10 days apart can help sculpt your abdomen, buttocks, arms and calves, though the most cost-effective approach is a package of 6-8 treatments.

The existence of such services doesn’t make Loop an “aesthetic clinic," Monica cautions. “You think of an aesthetic clinic as altering, fixing, and enhancing your body externally, whereas what I'm doing is really altering, fixing, and balancing your wellbeing internally.” Her initial consult takes upwards of 75 minutes and comes with a science- and psysiology-packed education of all the things that properly balanced hormones can do for you. “I really want to listen to what all of your complaints are, but then I want to set expectations for what these hormones can do. If all you want is weight loss, you might be disappointed, because there are a lot of other things going on when your hormones are out of whack. We do a full analysis of your labs and then we can proceed with treatment that addresses your entire wellbeing."

If that sounds like work... well, it's not like that zipper will close on its own.

Contact Monica Unni MS, PA-C, Loop Wellness Clinic, 571-526-3505,

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