Lori Turkovics: Hometown Realtor with Impeccable Expertise

Quality Service & Long-Lasting Relationships are Keys to Her Success!

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When Lori Turkovics married Randy Turkovics, she didn’t realize she’d also fall in love with his hometown of Venice, FL. Now, with more than four generations of family residing in the area, Lori has deep roots and an appreciation for all the Gulf Coast has to offer. That’s a big part of what makes her such a top-notch real estate professional. Read on to find out more about Lori!

Q. Before we get into what an amazing realtor you are, tell us a little bit about you - where you are from? What is your family like?
A. I was born and raised in New York. I met my husband through a dating service: this was before online dating. After our first conversation lasted two hours, I upgraded him from lunch to dinner. We were married three months later. We have two children: our son Dominick is 27 and our daughter Loran is 22. Randy is an executive with a Tampa-based building company. While his work has taken us all over the U.S. and abroad, we'd always be eager to come back home. Now, we have settled here for good. There is a specialness here that we've not found anywhere else, which is a true hometown experience. With over 20 years of knowing the uniqueness here, I couldn't think of a better place to raise a family or retire. We are blessed to live in paradise!

Q. Would you provide our readers with a brief introduction to you and what you do?

A. I’m an experienced, professional realtor who believes in going above and beyond. It doesn’t matter whether the property is a small home in a quaint neighborhood, located in a golf course community, or is a multi-million dollar waterfront mansion – I’m going to roll up my sleeves and do all I can to generate the best outcome for my clients.

Q. What do you feel is special and unique about your work as a realtor?

A. I provide a very high quality level of service to all clients. Through diligent communications, trust, and customer focus I've been blessed with clients who I now call friends, and a strong referral base. I take a concierge and relationship approach in all I do. First, I try to provide whatever service may be needed through my connections with providers, and that doesn’t end after a sale. For example, after Hurricane a former client asked me to help her secure a third estimate for her damaged roof, I got her one from company I know that makes aerial assessments.

Q. How does your local real estate experience, and other expertise make you uniquely suited for what you do?

A. As a local real estate specialist I have intimate and lived knowledge of the area: it’s people, places, and places to live. I understand the intricacies of finding the perfect home, community, and neighborhood to meet a buyer’s desired lifestyle. In turn, when selling a property, understanding lifestyle is an important component for marketing and landing the best offer. I also have an insider's view of construction and property development, and significant marketing experience with a focus towards the luxury market.

Q. For Venice and Sarasota County, what do you particularly like about the housing/real estate market, and what are some area favorites here?

A. The real estate market in our area has a uniqueness that's not easily found elsewhere. Our weather is amazing, and the lifestyle offered can't be beat! I find so much to do and enjoy here, from going to local high school football games to attending renowned cultural events; enjoying fine cuisine or having a hot dog by the Venice Jetty while watching the dolphins perform. And there are so many beautiful beaches for swimming, boating, or fishing. Really, every day is an adventure!

Lori Turkovics, Realtor 



I provide a very high quality level of service...and through diligent communications, trust, and customer focus I've been blessed with clients who I now call friends,

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