Lost Wax

A Musical Melding

If you're looking for a party, there's no other place to be this New Year's other than The View at Briarcliff. Why? Because that's where Lost Wax will be playing! The band, which includes a pool of 30 musicians, has been performing together since 1998 to play hits from all genres. On New Year's Eve, the lineup will feature seven musicians, including pianist Mark Lowrey, drummer Chris Davis, sax player Greg Briggs, guitarists and vocalists Brandon Gerken and John Goolsby, and David Fairbanks and Lyndsey Emmett on vocals. 

Mash ups and medleys are Lost Wax's trademark and they draw from a well of more than 400 songs from country to pop to rock and jazz.  Davis says that it's those unusual mashups that define the sound of Lost Wax. Here are ten of his favorite mashups to play--perhaps you'll hear a few right before the ball drops! 

Top Ten Songs For the New Year

10. Celebrember - Earth Wind and Fire + Kool and the Gang

9. I Like It Nice and Slow - Bruno Mars + Usher

8. Phil It Coming - The Weekend + Phil Collins

7. Wanna Respect - Spice Girls + Aretha Franklin

6. Winning Humble - DJ Khaled+Ginuine+Justin Timberlake+Kendrick Lamar

5. Macklemiley - Miley Cyrus + Macklemore

4. Smoothana - Camila Cabello + Rob Thomas

3. Mr Blink Boy - Blink 182 + The Killers + Fall Out Boy

2. Floyd Fever Froat - Pink Floyd + BeeGees + DJ Kool

1. Puffy's Rich - Hall and Oates - Puff Daddy + Jessie J + BEP

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