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Love + Musical Harmony

Colorado Springs Philharmonic: Three Series; Multiple Venues

The word “philharmonic” refers to love and musical harmony. In the 96 years of its existence, much has changed for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. What has remained consistent throughout its history is the act of coming together in a shared space for the love of music.

These spaces now include the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts and the Ent Center for the Arts at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

The Pikes Peak Center was built as a premier concert venue to showcase the power of orchestral performances. Its acclaimed acoustic qualities, lauded by concertgoers and musicians alike, ensure that every seat can enjoy the performance.

The Ent Center, which opened in 2018, boasts an ambitious modern design and picture-worthy panoramic views. Designed to be a world-class facility for the arts, the Ent Center houses the Shockley-Zalabak Auditorium, where the Philharmonic performs. This auditorium seats each guest within 100 feet of the stage. 

Three Series

While the venues alone are spectacular, the Philharmonic offers a range of enticing performances. Each season offers three series: the Masterworks, Signature, and Philharmonic Pops.

The Masterworks Series features a lineup of major works by well-known composers. The current season’s offerings, for example, include performances of Johannes Brahms and Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonín Dvořák, and the Spanish composer Robert Gerhard. Music lovers who want to take a deeper dive into the history of the composers’ works could attend pre-concert lectures.

The Signature Series, staged at the Ent Center, allows audiences to get closer to the performances. The current lineup features captivating tangos by the Argentinian Astor Piazzolla, Gustav Mahler’s haunting Kindertotenlieder, and Beethoven’s uplifting Eroica.

The Philharmonic Pops Series offers such crowd-pleasing performances as the Marvel phenomenon Black Panther. Over 100 musicians appear on stage as the movie is projected. The Pops Series also features nights filled with the hits of Rodgers and Hammerstein, as well as the beloved cinematic works of John Williams. 

Ticket buyers could take advantage of the “Free for Kids” incentive for eligible concerts. For every adult ticket purchased, two kids (ages 7-17) are free of charge. This incentive could apply to the performance by three-time Grammy Award-winning Mariachi Los Camperos in May. To take advantage of this incentive, ticket buyers must make their request in person at the Pikes Peak Center Box Office.

Ten Guest Conductors

If you are unable to get tickets to your preferred concert this season, fear not, as the next season will feature an exciting array of ten guest conductors. These conductors will fill in for Josep Caballé Domenech, who, after 12 years of productive work with the Philharmonic, will leave his position as Music Director.

“We want to honor him by finding the right successor,” said Philharmonic President and CEO Nathan Newbrough. According to Newbrough, a new musical director can be invigorating for everyone involved, but the search will take time. “It is not going to be an overnight search. It might even take a few years. We are intentionally not setting a timeline because it’s over when we find the right person.”

Readers considering becoming season ticket holders could thus take advantage of a rare opportunity to see a diverse lineup of conductors. Season subscribers do not pay box office fees and are ensured the best seats in the house. New subscribers even enjoy a satisfaction guarantee.

Regardless of how many performances you attend, or which venue you visit, you will join fellow appreciators of live classical music. You will be able to use the term philharmonic as a self-description, a lover of harmony who understands the pleasure and necessity of musical art.

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