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Pawmetto Lifeline

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Love Can't Be Bought...

...But Love Can Be Rescued!

Each year in Richland and Lexington Counties, more than 19,000 dogs and cats enter municipal shelters. Each year, 14,000-plus of those same animals are euthanized due to lack of space and resources.

Following are some of the region's groups who advocate for the no-kill animal movement -- those who rescue homeless, abused and neglected animals, and educate the community about various pet issues and trending pet topics. The Lake Murray Lifestyle team wanted to spotlight these volunteers and pet lovers from which animals can be adopted into loving homes. If adding a pet isn't in the immediate future, please consider donating supplies or finances to a rescue group. 

Cullen's Archangel Rescue, Inc. (CARE)

Lexington // 803.622.9813 //

This 501(c)(3) group is an all-species (exotics, rabbits, dogs, cats, ferrets, pot-bellied pigs, guinea pigs) animal rescue. Because they don't have a shelter, all of their rescue animals live in the home of someone who selflessly volunteers their home, time and money to care for them until their forever family comes along.

Pawmetto Lifeline

Columbia // 803.465.9150 //

The long-term mission of this group is to turn the Midlands into a No-Kill Community, meaning no healthy, adoptable pet will be euthanized simply because it's homeless.

Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue

Lexington // 803.673.1723 //

Pooch's nonprofit provides a safe haven for, and rehabilitates abandoned, neglected and abused pets, before finding them permanent homes. They provide a sanctuary for homeless animals, administer proper medical care and preventatives, spay/neuter the animals under their care to help population control, and promote the adoption of healthy companion animals. 

Aiken Equine Rescue

Aiken // 803.643.1850 //

Established in 2006 with almost 80 acres of land, this rescue has eight pastures, 13 paddocks, a stable and office building and maintenance barn. Since its founding, it's become the largest horse rescue farm in the southeastern United States. Its managers indicate they've placed more than 1,200 horses into adopted homes and rescued many horses, donkeys and mules. At any given time, between 60 to 70 horses reside at Aiken Equine Rescue.  

Carolina Wildlife Care Inc.

Columbia //  803.772.3994 //

These are the experts to contact when an injured or orphaned wild animal is found. Five Columbia residents launched this rescue in 1989 when they recognized a growing need for a local organization dedicated to the care of wildlife in distress. They first worked from a garage, and now as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, they've treated and rehabilitated more than 55,000 animals representing 200 species. They handle birds, opossums, fawns, bats, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, turtles and non-venomous snakes. 

NBRAN South Carolina (National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network) 

Chapin // 864.723.5369 //

Once called "the Brittany Spaniel," the AKC officially changed their breed name to "the American Brittany." NBRAN is comprised solely of unsalaried volunteers who are passionate about helping these homeless Brits transition into loving family homes. 

Homeward Bound Pet Rescue

Irmo // 803.454.9094 //

This team of volunteers is a no-kill pet rescue group who say every penny collected for the nonprofit is used for the rescue, care and adoption of pets in need. All donations are tax deductible. They have an online Amazon wish list. 

Lexington County Animal Services

Lexington // 803.785.8149 //

Cats and dogs at this facility undergo temperament and physical exams before being placed for adoption. All animals are spayed or neutered before being placed for adoption. 

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