Love People

Giving Abundant Grace To Others

1. How did you land at True Force Roofing and in Gainesville? 

I grew up in Folkston, Georgia. A small town just across the Florida/Georgia Line. I met my wife while on active duty and she is a 3rd generation Gainesville Native. We discovered we were expecting and I transitioned from active duty to the Florida air national guard so we could be surrounded by family in Gainesville as we welcomed our firstborn Indy. 

My uncle has been a roofer for 20 years and I jumped right into roofing full-time when I got to Gainesville. We launched True Force Roofing because we felt the need for a roofing contractor built to serve this community with the customer being the focus. True Force Roofing is a customer service company that provides roofing solutions. 

2.  Do you have a "why" moment? 

I knew entrepreneurship was for me at an early age. I joined the Air Force to serve this beautiful country. My passion is to serve others. As a business owner, I not only get to continue to serve the community, but I also get the opportunity to serve my team and lead them as they elevate both their personal and professional lives. I believe joy is accomplished only by what we give, not by what we take. 

3. How do you balance work and family/personal life? 

Prior to launching True Force Roofing I sat my friends and family down and had a discussion about my vision and what my intentions were with this company. I wanted to build a brand not just a company. As far as work/life balance, I do my best to spend quality time with my loved ones. However, I believe entrepreneurship is a lifestyle not a career. I am showered with support and my support system knows I find joy in providing service. In the early stages, there is a large amount of sacrifice required to complete the vision successfully. I am honored by the support from the community and my family. The sacrifices made are simply about perspective. 

4.  Do you have a mentor?

I have a large list of mentors. I break the business down into departments and seek mentorship specific to that department. I also gather information from multiple sources and develop an opinion of my own usually mixing the ideas and direction from multiple sources. 

I do not have one mentor to point to as I am trying to accomplish something that’s never been done before in this industry. 

5. Do you have a saying or inspirational quote that you lead your life and business with?

We have a few that all focus on one thing- Grace. “Love people” is hanging in our office in huge letters. It is typed into our family group chat daily. It’s a constant reminder to love people and give abundant grace to others. As people, we never know what others are going through and our act of kindness or understanding in a moment of adversity could be the only light that shines on that person for that moment. We have the opportunity to impact others through commerce and we consider it a privilege. As a team, we deliver the highest versions of ourselves when we are showing grace and loving people. We are also able to lift others to their highest version when we show grace and pour out positive energy. 

"We are also able to lift others to their highest version when we show grace and pour out positive energy."

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