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Love in a Brewery

Blue Heron Brewery and Event Center Celebrates Holy Matrimony

Hundreds of white chairs line the neatly manicured grass in a circular motion. 

Surrounding the chairs is a beautiful stone patio decorated with a wooden altar in the center of the floor and a DJ booth to the right. A crystal blue pond with a fountain immediately catches one’s eye, as it gracefully spouts water high into the air. Melodic music can be heard as guests stand happily chatting as they patiently wait to take their seats for the wedding. 

The Blue Heron Brewery and Event Center opened March 1, 2019, in Medina. 

Before the Blue Heron became what it is today, it went through quite the evolution. It was once a mansion-turned-country-club, and everything behind the facility was nothing more than 27 holes of blue skies, golf and greenery. From there, the township bought the land behind the establishment and transformed it into Austin Badger Park. 

Additionally, while the first half of the property was purchased in 2016, after undergoing a drastic makeover, the Blue Heron is now an event center and wedding facility. 

The second half of the Blue Heron property, once a former locker room and pro shop, was transformed into a restaurant and brewery. It has since expanded by adding another banquet room on the third floor, called the Heron Room.

The 6,000-square-foot, modern ballroom holds up to 140 guests, complete with a terrace overlooking Austin Badger Park. Ultimately, it is ideal for company meetings, holiday parties and more. Reservations must be made in advance. 

Khadar Soussou, the general manager, has worked at the establishment since October 2018. He places an emphasis on learning about the individual so he can bring the client's vision to life.

Lindsay Gilchrist, a Strongsville resident, hosted her wedding at the Blue Heron on August 10, 2019, with Khadar as their primary wedding planner.

Complete with a bourbon tasting, a Champagne tower and a shrimp display, their wedding was a night to remember. In fact, Lindsay noted how even after the lights came on to wrap things up, “there were still 150 people in the room.”

“Our food was perfect; we did a dual-plated chicken and beef as one option and a stuffed portobello mushroom with risotto as a second option,” Lindsay says. 

In the brewery, every Friday and Saturday, live bands play from 7 to 10 p.m. Additionally, the business hosts an amphitheater, complete with a pond, a 1,500-square-foot patio and a fountain. 

Some of the popular food items include an authentic Maryland crab cake and the Montville Mountain, a large portion of golden fries topped with savory avocado crumble, pico de gallo and pulled pork.

The facility is waiting to obtain its state permit, so they are not brewing beer yet. Currently, 16 craft beers on draft are available, along with a full beer, bottle, cocktail and wine list. 

Shea Sohovich, a Medina resident, brings a new meaning to the term “local.” He resides in the Blue Heron neighborhood with his wife, Michaela, and their two children, Carson, 10, and Cameron, 4. 

He believes the staff is “genuine and friendly” and does a great job of catering to customers. 

Prices range from $5 to $10 for beer and $9 to $16 for the food selection. With everything offered fresh and in-house, catering is available, but reservations must be made in advance. The Blue Heron also features a Saturday and Sunday tailgate menu, in addition to fun features during the week. 

As far as expansion, the company hopes to make this a possibility in the future, and they plan to host outdoor concerts in the amphitheater next summer. 

The Blue Heron Brewery and Event Center is located at 3227 Blue Heron Trace and is open Tuesday through Thursday, 3 to 10 p.m.; Friday, 3 p.m. to when the last customer leaves; Saturday, noon to when the last customer leaves; and Sunday noon to 9 p.m. Blue Heron reservations can be made calling 330.520.8511 or 330.870.2853. For more information, to sign up for their email distribution list, visit Facebook, Instagram or