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Loving Black and White

Jolie Rizzi is an Atlanta-based photographer specializing in "capturing the moments" at every charity, wedding, portrait, music, corporate, or commercial event in Atlanta and beyond. Jolie truly wants her pictures to make people feel. "It is my genuine intention for you to want to look at a picture for much longer than the second it took when it actually happened, '' says Jolie. "There is honor in the truth of that moment.”   

Jolie's client list reads like a who's who of Atlanta including notable nonprofits such as Atlanta Anti-Defamation League and Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance as well as  Zac Brown Band, John Driskell Hopkins, and Collective Soul. For the last three years, Jolie has been a lead photojournalist for City Lifestyle magazines and her images have graced the covers of multiple publications as well as having been featured in countless articles.

 "Anticipating a New Love"

Two about to become three... Such chromatism of emotion in black and white. Catalina & RubinTrujillo are parents!

"Appreciate What Remains”

A shot of my husband Mike Rizzi with his son Kaden who lives overseas and only sees twice a year. This was a cover shot used for his debut album. He had a vision of this photo of him and his son who is on the autism spectrum in a dream and with one light in the dark, it came to life.

“A Portrait all in White”

Ed Roland of Collective Soul, illuminates off a white backdrop. A photoshoot with a friend at his home. He was about to release an album called Anniversary dedicated to his beautiful wife Michaeline.