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Love Saro

Boulder’s Mother//Daughter Dynamic Duo

Article by Jojo Watts

Photography by Poppy + Co. by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Imagine a journey filled with the love of art, jewelry and a passion to connect us to ourselves and to each other. Now more than ever before, we are living in challenging times, and we could use some connection. One year ago, Carol and Sacha reimagined their lives during a pandemic and shifted their perspective and together created LOVE SARO!

LOVE SARO is a jewelry business that showcases their one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, stone sculptures, and welded fine jewelry all crafted with love, purpose, and intention. Every piece aims to inspire positive energy. These special pieces are created with various stones that are meant to enhance natural healing qualities. And a must see are Carol’s stone sculptures draped so elegantly with jewelry on them. 

LOVE SARO is a combination of their names “SA” cha + Ca “RO”l. Their love of jewelry, art, and a connection with each other, has allowed them to transcend the traditional set up. Their studio is quite exceptional with its industrialized space that invites clients to come and share a special experience of soldered chain bracelets welded to your wrists. This is a distinctive feature and an unforgettable way to connect more deeply with someone you love— girlfriends, spouses, a mother/daughter, a special relationship, or just for yourself!  Certainly a memorable gift that will last a lifetime. 

Mother Carol, is a world-renowned sculptor, drawn to working with abstracted torsos. She is a lover of travel and all things art, seen through her collection of antiques. She has enjoyed painting and mixed media art throughout her career. With decades of experience in building, renovating, and designing homes, these qualities have illuminated her vision to see beauty all around her. “I walk through life on a treasure hunt in which I translate the energy of words, sensation, and visuals all into my work,” Carol says. 

Daughter Sacha’s strong sense of style and love of art comes from her mother. As early as age 7, Sacha fondly remembers accompanying her mom on creative projects, internally picking up subtle nuances of beauty around her. “My mom is my greatest muse and I love her eclectic style,” Sacha says.  Sacha’s love for jewelry design led her to get her GIA certification while working for various fashion houses in LA, New York, and Paris.  

Along with Carol’s extraordinary sculptures, their studio is curated with heirlooms they’ve had in their family for decades, including loveseats that belong to Carol’s parents. The jewelers bench, which is the centerpiece of their space, was owned by Sacha’s grandfather, who was a watchmaker and an engineer. Sacha uses this bench when welding chains on clients, and she continues to use all of his original tools in addition to her own. 

LOVE SARO offers more than just jewelry, it's an experience of connection. All visits are by appointment only. And if you desire a more private affair, they can travel to you and make your celebration memorable. 

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