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Love Your Lazy Lawn!

An easy way to help the ecosystem

Give some thought to this. Almost all US fruit and grain crops depend on pollination, yet our insect population has declined by 75% in the last 25 years - and most pollinators are insects. 

Fortunately, keeping pollinators (and our local farms) alive couldn’t be easier. Just get lazy about your lawn!

Lawns mowed every two weeks offer more food for pollinators than lawns mowed weekly. So, while you’re lounging on the couch every other Saturday, your longer grass will be supporting American food systems. As a bonus, longer lawns also need less water, so being lazy saves you money, too. 

Perfect lawns are literally the empty calories of the ecosystem. By letting go of that green-carpet ideal, you’ll add color to your landscape by allowing dandelions, violets, and white clover to decorate your grass. More important, these “weeds” feed pollinators which, in turn, feed us. 

Here’s one more way being lazy can save the world: skip the pesticides. Pesticides kill pollinators, and they’re hardly health food for humans, birds, and pets, either. In fact, research shows that when bees visit plants treated with neonicotinoids (a chemical in most pesticides), even small amounts can build up over time and kill the hive. Neonicotinoids disorient bees and disrupt their fertility. Worse, they can linger in plants and pollen for 2-4 years.

So be a hero. Stay in bed this weekend and stop fussing over your lawn.