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Investing in your Skin for Longterm Results

The benefits of starting a proper skincare routine at a young age show up as we get
older. Looking in the mirror at age 35, and seeing few, if any, wrinkles can be our reward
for sticking to a consistent skincare routine.
When is the right time to begin using skincare products? Amber Champagne, licensed
esthetician, and owner of Champagne Apothecary in Westfield, says as early as
“We get kids as young as 10 or 11 due to acne and hormonal changes,” Champagne
says. While people often look to skincare to reverse aging, she explains that it’s about
being preventive, that’s why she recommends starting at a young age – as soon as oily
skin and acne start showing up.
Champagne says it’s important to be consistent with any routine. She recommends
starting with the basics – a quality cleanser and moisturizer.
At around age 21, it’s time to add an eye serum because the thinnest skin on our bodies
is under the eyes, and notes Champagne. It’s also time to think about adding anti-aging
products to your routine, she says.
Champagne developed her own line of skincare products called Ethyst because she
found that many anti-aging products were made for mature skin. Some of her clients -
especially those in their middle years – have hormonal issues and products made for
those issues are often aggressive and can cause the skin to age, she said.
For more information, visit Kane, a licensed esthetician at Puffer’s Salon and Day Spa in Westfield echoes
Champagne’s advice about beginning a skincare routine during puberty when acne
starts popping up. Adding regular facials to a morning and nighttime skincare routine
helps keep acne under control, she said. “Don’t pick at acne," she advises, “we do
extractions – leave that to us.”
Puffer’s offers an acne facial that Kane recommends for young clients. When acne is
under control, clients can maintain healthy skin with the Tulesara (a Sanskrit word
meaning moving toward balance) facial by Aveda, a gentle, hydrating, and nourishing
Kane also stressed the use of sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Other facial treatments that can help maintain healthy skin as clients age are dermaplaning, which removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, and Celluma Light.
Therapy, which improves cellular health, reduces signs of aging, and eliminates acne.
For more information, visit

For those who want to enhance their appearance as they age, Bella MedSpa by Dr.
Craig Schacher, a facial and body medical spa in Westfield, offers noninvasive and
minimally invasive anti-aging technologies and cosmetic procedures without the
downtime and expense of surgery.
Kelly-Ivy Subocz, BellaMed’s clinical supervisor and director of training practitioner, said
patients come to the spa with specific concerns.
Many younger patients want to look better in selfies, she said. “In their 20s and 30s,
their biggest concerns are keeping the skin hydrated and protected. They are starting
to see signs of aging, so they are very interested in lip filler and baby Botox.”
A variety of options are offered at Bella MedSpa – from IPL laser, which evens skin tone
and color to the VI Peel, which Subocz said is one of the most effective peels on the
market, and LaseMD, a fractional resurfacing laser treatment that can help improve
many skin concerns, including sun damage, melasma, active acne, scars, and texture.
Subocz sees patients from their 20s into their 60s and 70s. “Ultimately, our goal is to
tailor treatment to what the patient is concerned about.” For an older patient who
doesn’t want to have a surgical face lift, that may be a thread lift, a non-invasive
procedure that lifts skin.
“It’s all about getting the biggest improvement possible.”
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