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Loveland Center Adds Three New Board Members

Loveland Center Helps Disabled Venetians Live Their Lives To The Fullest

Loveland Center recently elected three new members to serve a three-year term on its board of directors: Justin Taylor, Elizabeth Skinner, and Cordell Jeter. These board members bring a wealth of talent and expertise that will further Loveland’s mission, as well as support Loveland’s strategic goals that advance the agency as a leading disability service provider.

“We seek members who have a passion for our mission and bring the talent, diversity, knowledge and skills to our board that will help Loveland Center realize our long term strategies,” says Laurie Huebner, vice chair and governance committee chair. “I am delighted with our newest members, as each of them individually make us a stronger board collectively.”

Justin Taylor, vice president and chief operating officer at MRT Companies, brings a dynamic perspective to the Loveland Board stemming from his diverse background in legislative and financial affairs. Elizabeth Skinner, a sales and strategic planning consultant, delivers a qualified business perspective that will surely enhance the strategic planning efforts at Loveland. Cordell Jeter, founder of TrackedMobility, offers a perspective that will empower Loveland’s advocacy efforts for individuals with disabilities for future generations. 

Established in 1962, Loveland Center’s mission is to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live their lives to the fullest. 

To learn more visit: or call 941-493-0016.

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