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Bathroom trends

Bidets are all the rage in Europe and Japan. What do these cultures know that we Americans haven’t caught onto yet? I think that the concept of a bidet is a bit “foreign” to us here in the U.S. We are not very familiar with what a bidet is or why we would want one. The truth is that most people who try this hygienic solution prefer it to the use of toilet paper.

The modern bidet is a plumbed bathroom fixture intended for improved hygiene. Many bidets provide new levels of comfort and cleanliness by incorporating features like soothing warm water wash with alternate angles, heated adjustable seats, warm air drying, deodorizer, automatic open/close, auto flush, and self-cleaning functions.

The newest trend is to incorporate all these options into an electronic bidet seat, like the Toto Washlet, which can be installed onto the toilet that you already have. A bidet seat is a great way to upgrade your current fixture to a smart toilet without changing the footprint of your bathroom at all.

The more luxurious Washlet seat models are even operated with a remote and incorporate memory to save user settings. While a Washlet seat is an obvious home upgrade, there are other great reasons to add a bidet to your bathroom setup. Waste prevention is a big one. Americans spend more money on toilet paper than any other nation.

The wash and dry features of a Washlet seat actually clean better than paper, and with less friction and discomfort that can lead to other health concerns. The cleaning and automatic options also help those who would otherwise need assistance to have more privacy and autonomy in the bathroom.

Other gorgeous trends in beautiful bathrooms are freestanding tubs (hello, bubble baths), oversized showers, architectural details, natural light and built-in storage. Mark Williams of Mark Williams Designs in Buckhead is all about the tub. "Ranging from the most traditional, to sleek and modern, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes to fit every environment. Loud jet tubs that are difficult to keep clean are a thing of the past, so keep it simple with a beautiful soaking tub," he says.

Bathrooms need not be brightened by artificial light (which does no favors). "People want their bathrooms to be filled with natural light so whenever we are building from scratch or renovating, there is a much stronger desire than ever before to place primary bathrooms in eastern exposures to get the best morning light," says designer Lorraine Enwright of Intuitive Dwellings by Enwright Design. "This is healthy for you because that blue spectrum of light tells your brain to wake up and sets your daily rhythm." She also believes in rich hues and layers. "The secret is to combine sleek lines and very clean layouts with richer finishes that have more depth of color and texture."

Designer Ryan Williams of Artisan Design Studio loves the oversized showers, using complementary tiles and fixtures to make the shower a showpiece. Stock it with all your favorite products, from head to toe and revel in the warmth.

  • Enjoy a luxurious soak in style!  There are so many beautiful free-standing bathtubs available today, why not make one the focal point of your bathroom.
  • Combine sleek lines and very clean layouts with richer finishes that have more depth of color and texture. Lorraine Enwright,  Intuitive Dwellings 
  • The new Drake with the S550e from Panacea Plumbing
  • To keep things neat and tidy, but still have all of your daily supplies at arms-reach, plan for built-in storage.