Loving Local Wineries

Linger in the Treasure Valley's wine regions for a perfect day date

Article by Greg Neruda

Photography by Tara Bruner + Provided

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Hop-scotching around and sniffing out new wine frontiers is an ideal way to spend time together, whether you're on a first date or enjoying a "date night" without the kids.  If you're looking for a unique place to celebrate Valentine's Day, look no farther than the Treasure Valley's wine neighborhoods.   

The Snake River American Viticultural Area

This region serves up a scenic and beautiful wine day trip.  There are lots of wineries to visit with panoramic views of rolling hills and a big river.  Perfect for picnics and smart phone cameras. 

Eagle Hills American Viticultural Area

Idaho’s newest wine region continues to grow where sage, sheep and cattle mingle with Cabernet, Malbec and Tempranillo. Cowboy boots and hats are authentic here, the more weather-worn the better. Embrace the still-rugged vibe. 

The Chinden Conglomerate of Wine Adventures

Lined up like dominoes and giving a fresh look to this area, we especially like the architecture and art of the wine rooms. The ambiance and hospitality of every winery along this distinctive corridor is worth a visit. 

When swirling, whiffing, sipping and chatting, support your local wineries. Everybody wines and everybody wins. 


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