Loving My Lake Minnetonka Neighborhood

Exploring Lake Minnetonka neighborhoods with the Ulrich Real Estate Group

When you’re house hunting, how much thought do you give to the neighborhood where a house is situated? My guess is not as much as you should. 

Finding the right neighborhood can be just as important as the house itself, especially if you’re house hunting in Lake Minnetonka and the surrounding area. Real estate experts Beth Ulrich and Chelsey Danielson of Ulrich Real Estate Group have lived and worked in the area for more than 22 years. They know the ins and outs of the Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka real estate market and how to identify the right neighborhood for you.

A mother-daughter duo, Beth and Chelsey, have made names for themselves in new construction and the luxury home market. Beth’s real estate career began in 1993 in the Twin Cities, where she quickly became a top agent working with first-time homebuyers. When Chelsey graduated college, she began learning the real estate ropes from her mom. Before they knew it, the pair had created a team that Minnetonka area residents could count on.

“We have loved working as a mother-daughter real estate team. People find working with both of us allows for consistency and ease when one is available and the other is not. Our similarities allow for comfort for our clients and for ourselves,” Chelsey says.

When it comes to helping clients discover the right home and neighborhood for them, Chelsey and Beth need to “stay in the know and stay top of mind.” Lake Minnetonka neighborhoods boast everything from ramblers and two stories to condos, townhomes, and new construction homes. There’s also a strong market for custom and luxury builds. So, knowing what each product is and what might be available on and off the market is an important part of the job.

“There is so much variety in such a small community — variety in price, people, and product. Your reputation, knowledge, and networking is what keeps you relevant in the area and in this industry,” Chelsey notes.

But, the style of home isn’t the only important aspect of matching the right neighborhood to a client. The amenities found in certain communities set them apart. Downtown Wayzata, Excelsior, and Deephaven are all different areas that are perfect examples of how certain neighborhoods can attract specific homeowners.

Lake Street in Downtown Wayzata can offer walkability, views of Lake Minnetonka and a strong sense of community, making it a great option for higher-end, condo-living. Excelsior is further from the city but offers the small town feel also on the Lake with old and new single-family homes. Deephaven offers incredible schools, parks while still maintaining proximity to the lake.

These neighborhoods are just a few examples of what the area surrounding Lake Minnetonka has to offer. Beth and her husband recently finished building a new house in a Wayzata that she loves. She shares that the “proximity to the city, Lake Minnetonka, our favorite shops and restaurants, and a community that feels like family” is what makes her excited to live so close to Lake Minnetonka.

And if you’re interested in a certain neighborhood but aren’t impressed with the housing options, Ulrich Real Estate can help you build a custom home you love. In fact, Beth recently became part of a woman-owned development company that builds custom homes for clients. Helping people create their own unique home has been a process that she has enjoyed for many years.

As we get closer to the spring season, the real estate market will begin ramping up, which means you’ll want to start thinking about what’s important in a neighborhood for you. Is it a tight-knit community and good schools? Parks and trails? Luxury views? Whatever it is you’re looking for, Chelsey and Beth are the perfect duo to help you find it. https://ulrichrealestategroup.com/

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