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Love Your Salon

Aura Salon and Spa

RCL: Finding a salon can be a life-long journey for a woman. Aura Salon and Spa is so welcoming.

Aura: You have found your new favorite salon and we can’t wait to show you why! Maybe you haven’t heard of us, or maybe you have but you just aren’t sure about starting fresh at a new place…whatever the reason, your search is over!

RCL: Spending time at Aura is such an enjoyable experience, we love the way you’ve decorated.

Aura: Located in Sandy Springs, we are proud of our gorgeous space. The inside walls are covered in breathtaking local art and everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful plants and greenery (provided by Atlanta Flower Market).

RCL:  What kind of products do you recommend for your clients?

Aura: The shelves are lined with all sorts of amazing products for hair and skin care. Aura proudly uses L’ANZA Healing Hair Care products because they are eco-friendly, ethically sourced and free of harsh chemicals. In addition to hair care, Aura offers an array of facial options and went so far as to create their own skincare line, Avanté, which has options for all skin types and is extremely powerful and effective. Aura also carries Enazi’s Elixirs, created by one of our very own team members, which are 100% pure natural oils with no preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. 

RCL: Not everyone has long, straight hair, but we all love a stylist who understands our needs.

Aura: If you have naturally curly hair we have top tier stylists that will help you find your perfect look. If you’re looking for extensions, we have multi-faceted professionals that will match your hair color and texture with artful placement…not to mention our many color specialists and hair cutting experts. 

RCL: We are all so busy and can’t always research different stylists and schedules. Help!

Aura: We are here when you’re ready. If you prefer to call the front desk, our staff will help get you set up with the perfect stylist for your needs. If online booking is more your speed you can visit and get started on your time. Either way, we can’t wait to meet you and show you your most beautiful self. 

Aura Salon & Spa

7878 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs