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Making a Difference in the Community One Family at a Time

Sometimes the key to keeping the balance between work and home life is more about maintaining harmony within both environments. To be able to continuously combine and simultaneously make sound decisions to produce progressive, positive results; that is harmony.  Meet several amazing families who have embraced the harmony and challenges of pursuing a dream together.

Pikes Auto Care

Sean Pike, owner and his daughter, Quincey.

Sean Pike is a 4th generation entrepreneur, so the desire to own his own business was inevitable!  While attending college, Sean owned and operated a commercial blind cleaning business for large properties such as Kodak, HP, and multiple city and county office buildings.  From there he began his venture of opening Pikes Auto Care while also venturing into other areas of work including rodeo production, hotels, and being involved in various business mergers and acquisitions. 

Sean's daughter,  Quincey is currently working as a lube and tire technician until she goes to college to study Fashion and Design.  As a senior in high school, Quincy is learning well what it means to balance the responsibilities of life.  She balances work and school alongside playing on the high school golf team, nurturing her love for art, and staying active with activities like mountain biking, skiing, riding horses, and water sports.

Sean also makes good use of his free time and is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, motocross, and water sports.  

Keeping work and family separate is key to keeping the peace in both environments.  Sean reminds other business owners to embrace change and continue to evolve with the demands at hand.  Constantly learning new things allows owners to achieve great things!

Christopher's Heating and Cooling

Owners, Julie, Russell, and Christopher, as well as Christopher's wife Katie, the Office Manager.

 Christopher and Russell grew up helping their Dad in the shop. Whether it was helping clean up and push around a broom, or helping change filters in the field, they learned at a young age what it means to work hard.   Today, the brothers own and operate the business together.  

Both can agree that owning a business is the hardest and most gratifying thing they have done.  Christopher and Russell will occasionally hear people say "I could never work with my family," and they get it.  However, they have learned to overcome those work-life challenges by learning to incorporate work-life harmony into their lives, something Chris learned while taking a class at The Windsor Chamber of Commerce.  The business must complement home life and vice versa.  When things at work require extra time, they make it.  And when things at home need extra attention, they give it.  

Russell reminds everyone to take things one step at a time and don't look too far ahead.  This approach helps everyone not feel too overwhelmed, especially during stressful occasions. 

Christopher's Heating and Cooling operates under great support. Their Mom, Julie, and Christopher's wife Katie manage the office together.  After working in HR for many years, Katie brings great knowledge and expertise to the business.  She feels more listened to, respected, and happier working for her family and is thankful that she can work with the people she loves most.  Christopher and Russell take pride in building relationships and helping people, whether it's a customer, supplier, or employee, everyone is taken care of and treated like family.  When you own and operate yourself, you can offer that personal experience customers appreciate.   

When everyone is not working, they like to have fun!  Chris and his family enjoy going to restaurants, cooking dinner together, catching an Eagles game, and bowling!  Russell and his family enjoy going to the mountains, visiting restaurants, and spending quality time together.  And when not loving on all 12 grandchildren, Julie and Ellis enjoy taking care of their property, raising chickens, and enjoying their dogs. 

Premier Detailing of The Rockies

Owners, Jacob and Michelle Quinn

Jacob and Michelle Quinn own and operate Premier Detailing of The Rockies. Jacob moved to Colorado from Texas in 2012,  and after working in the oil and gas industry for 20 years he decided to retire and pursue his passion for detailing.  Jacob has always had a deep love and appreciation for cars and his meticulous nature, keen eye for detail, and strong work ethic are apparent in every transformation he delivers! 

Michelle is originally from New York but spent most of her childhood in Northern Colorado.  She worked in finance within the automotive industry for many years before deciding to work alongside Jacob.  Michelle assumes all administrative, sales, and marketing responsibilities.  Helping operate the family business has allowed Michelle to be home and more flexible when it comes to the needs of their three children, which has been a wonderful aspect of owning and operating yourself!

Jacob and Michelle enjoy being able to do what they love and create something meaningful for customers. While working with people you love unconditionally is very rewarding, it can be just as challenging.  Jacob and Michelle set clear boundaries, communicate often, and always remember to respect each other's opinions and expertise.  Doing so helps keep the environment at home and work both supportive and encouraging. 

When they're not working you'll find the family camping and off-roading.  In fact, their youngest went wheeling when he was just a month old!  They also enjoy traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures, and delighting in diverse culinary cuisine! 

Highland Meadows Grill

Michael and Amanda Elick, owners of Highland Meadows Grill. 

Amanda Waskiewicz-Elick and Michael Elick are the owners of Highland Meadows Grill, which serves up southern meets southwestern cuisine on the pristine Highland Meadows Golf Course. Their background in the service industry sparked a fire of wanting to own their own business,  and with the help and support of the Windsor community, their dream became a reality! 

Amanda is no stranger to the hospitality industry.  Her background ranges from fine dining, pub-style food, and managing catering and events in New York City and Colorado. 

Michael has a long history with the golf industry.  At the age of sixteen, he began working at Aurora Hills Golf Course and later had the opportunity to work at Denver's Willis Case and City Park Golf Courses. He then began running bars and restaurants in downtown Denver.  After moving up to Northern Colorado, Michael had the privilege to work at the iconic Boot Grill in Loveland as the General Manager. 

Amid the chaos of everyday life, Amanda and Michael remember to take time for themselves.  Doing so keeps them focused on what matters most and helps clear their mind of the static that doesn't.  They like to remind other business owners to always remember why you are doing what you are doing.  Creating something meaningful together is why they began their own business and that passion remains their favorite aspect today.  They love knowing that they have created a place where people can gather, enjoy great food, be treated like family, and feel at home.  

When not working, you'll find Amanda (or won't) off the grid in the mountains somewhere!  And when Michael is not getting lost with his wife you'll find him performing live music solo and with the Colorado Woodland Park Band! 

Wm Moore Jewelers

Carl(not pictured) and Ginger Moore, Owners, Jenn Duenez, Creative Director and daughter, Jameson, Quality Control Specialist and grandson

Wm Moore Jewelers opened their doors in 1997 and has since become a household name. Carl and Ginger Moore both love owning their own business and having the freedom to add their own personal touch to every customer interaction.  They also enjoy networking with other fellow business owners and being a part of the community that lies within.  

Ginger had to take a medical leave of absence for a few years and because of the family business, she was able to comfortably do so. Not to mention the outpouring of love and support given by other small businesses in the community.

Their daughter, Jenn also helps with the family business by utilizing her own business. Jenn started Jenn Duenez Creative Studio with a focus on helping local businesses who want a personal connection to their marketing person. This included Wm Moore Jewelers and from there two family-owned businesses began helping each other! 

Carl and Ginger remind other business owners to learn to manage work-life stress by turning it into a resource to help them push through and produce results.  Jenn has also learned the importance of resilience and reminds others to never give up on what you believe in by being able to face the challenges that come with having dreams and setting goals!

When they're not working, Carl and Ginger enjoy spending time in the mountains, fishing,  and being with their grandkids.  Jenn is a Motocross Mom through and through and if the weather is nice you'll find her and her family at the track!

Windsor Lifestyle

Misty Dockins and Cory Benson, owners of Windsor Lifestyle.

Misty will forever remember the day her friend asked her that unforgettable question: If you could have any job, what would it look like?  Without hesitation, Misty answered, "I want to make a difference in my community, create my own hours, be my own boss, and be a serious financial contributor to my little family."  Ultimately,  this friend saw the vision of Misty owning Windsor Lifestyle publication before she did and after a serious conversation with her husband, Misty found herself signing the agreement to begin her own publication just a few days later! 

Owning and managing Windsor Lifestyle has been the hardest but most rewarding thing Misty has ever done. She loves being a part of sharing everyone's story and showcasing the wonderful people and businesses that help make Windsor such a wonderful community to live in!  Her husband, Cory is a tremendous piece to the magazine's success.  He not only brings his unique expertise, he also helps keep things encouraging and on track, and is always there to offer extra support!   

Business owners often find themselves having to work outside of normal business hours and Misty and Cory have learned that routinely communicating, setting boundaries, and not making one another feel guilty about the demands they must face is key to fostering a healthy work-life environment.  Misty reminds others to remember to love and make time for each other.  Go on that date, take the trip, and put your phone away when you need to! 

When Misty and Cory are not busy polishing and publishing the magazine, they enjoy traveling to new (and warm) places, listening to live music, taking walks, and relaxing with family and friends on amazing outdoor patios around town! And Cory's true love(besides Misty) is absolutely golf!

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