Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management

Independent. Personalized. Authentic.

It is true that you can’t take it with you. The financial experts of Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management help their clients do the next best thing: create financial legacies which transcend their generations.

Kyle Luebeck, Daniel Geisler and Brian Hamm believe every hard-earned dollar deserves a goal-focused purpose. They and their advisers take the time they need to fully understand their clients’ goals, and tailor the authentic, personalized and innovative wealth management strategies they need to achieve them. They will not provide financial guidance unless it is rooted in mathematical certainty. And should you work with them, they will not relent on their mission to bolster the financial well-being of your home or business.

“You don’t realize how selfish you are until you have kids,” said Todd Loudenslager, managing director for Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management. “At least that’s what I learned when we had our daughter Katherine while I was stationed in Germany. I wanted her to have a stable upbringing, so I finished my service and got a job at a box factory.”

As enthralling as box fabrication might sound, the West Point graduate wanted even more out of life. Todd earned his MBA and proceeded to serve as CEO of Red Sky Risk Services and a senior vice president for U.S. Bank.

“I met Kyle in 2016,” Todd continued. “I was so impressed by his strength as a fiduciary that I decided to go into business with him and his partners: Daniel, who had already earned a reputation as the Twin Cities’ most tenacious stockbroker, and Brian, who previously cultivated a wealth management practice that espoused the same client-focused services I value personally. Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management was and still is a dream team of which I am proud to be a part.

“A national firm offers a limited number of financial products. Any of them may perfectly match the needs of a client. But whenever they don’t, the client’s goals have to be reshaped to best fit one of those preexisting products.

Effective wealth management must be the other way around. Because we’re not obligated to sell any specific financial products, nothing hinders our team’s ability to create bespoke solutions for each of our clients’ unique needs.

“Our independent wealth management group’s advisers are also free to spend more time with our clients. We typically have three meetings with someone before they decide to work with us. The initial meeting is a first date of sorts, where we get to know each other and share expectations. During the second we discuss priorities and goals as we explore both qualitative and quantitative information. Once we have performed an in-depth holistic analysis, we are ready for the final meeting where we present the course of action which poses the best chance at making our client’s life goals into reality. That might be buying a house and having kids. It might be retiring to a lakefront. Both are attainable through thoughtful, individualized wealth planning.

“We don’t have minimums. Whereas a larger firm might require that you enter their door with at least $500,000, we believe such thresholds unfairly deprive younger people of the advice they need to get head starts on their finances. 

“But we do have maximums where they count most. No Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management adviser can have more than 100 clients. Dan is especially insistent on that requirement, as he managed nearly 500 clients while working for his former employer. At that volume he forfeited the time he needed to tailor truly personalized financial solutions.

“We appreciate the necessity of versatility. Our clients’ finances and goals change over time, so we schedule regular forward planning sessions which keep us apprised of their needs. We also don’t insist that our clients exclusively work with us. If they already have an adviser they know and trust, we’re just as happy to keep additional track of their progress while providing supplemental advice.

“More than anything, what sets Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management apart is our intense focus on our clients’ interests. We emphasize stewardship rather than salesmanship as we endeavor to provide the best available solutions. Whether that comprises stocks, bonds, commodities, alternative investments, annuities, insurance, or any combination thereof, we’re going to equip you with a sound financial strategy. And should you need an accountant, attorney or other professional to bring your goals to fruition, we’ll make certain you’re allied with the best the Twin Cities has to offer.”

Please visit to learn more about Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management’s personalized service, or contact the firm at or (952) 491-9911 to schedule your first meeting.

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