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Creating the Best Present and Future for Your Children

Bob Marley said money can’t buy life. Paul McCartney said money can’t buy love. Leo Rosten said money can’t buy happiness. These assertions all hold true, yet few would decline an invitation to become any of those wealthy artists’ heirs.

Even if they can’t look forward to Abbey Road royalties, your hard work and foresight can still assure more rewarding lives to your children. And if you follow the sound guidance of a financial expert, your wealth may very well water branches of your family tree that haven’t sprouted yet.

“Kyle Luebeck, Daniel Geisler and Brian Hamm founded our wealth management firm on a simple principle,” said Todd Loudenslager, managing director. “We believe every dollar someone earns should go directly toward a worthy goal – and in this life, no goal is worthier than taking good care of your kids.

“As important as they are, in-depth financial analyses should never precede a warm and open conversation with a new client. Whether you are young, old, single or married, we will ask you a fundamental question during our first meeting: ‘How do kids fit into your life?’ However simple it might be, your answer will have far-reaching implications that demand thoughtful inclusion in your financial strategy.

“No two people share the same philosophy on child-rearing. For example, some parents would rather their children not give a thought to money until after they’ve earned their degrees. Others believe that working during college builds character, and plan to contribute to their children’s post-secondary education accordingly. Such subtle differences in parenting styles can only reveal themselves through frank and thorough conversation, which underscores the importance of sitting down and really getting to know your client as a person – not as a set of financial data.”

The best-laid schemes of mice and men often go higgledy-piggledy. Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management’s experts take the world’s inexorable volatility into account while formulating their clients’ financial plans.

“Our clients are constantly faced with opportunities and setbacks,” Todd continued. “Our financial strategies aren’t so rigid that they can’t accommodate those hurdles. If you would like to make the down payment on your son’s new house – or act as the angel investor to your daughter’s new business venture – determining how that expense would bear on your long-term goals and whether it is feasible should only take a matter of minutes.

“It’s never too early to receive financial advice. Building a strong foundation will help you navigate the unexpected, such as a new addition to your family that necessitates a larger house, or an acceptance letter to medical school. But it’s never too late to start financial planning, either. Everyone would like to become that grandparent – the one the whole family can rely on for support, even after their passing. If you would like to establish a legacy that will benefit descendants you may never meet, or simply make sure your wealth will one day help the world at large by funding your favorite charities, we can secure any future you wish to create.

“What most sets Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management apart is our intense focus on our client’s interests. We emphasize stewardship rather than salesmanship as we endeavor to provide the best available solutions. Whether it comprises stocks, bonds, commodities, alternative investments, annuities, insurance, or any combination thereof, we’re going to equip you with a strong financial strategy.”

Please visit lghwealth.com to learn more about Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management’s personalized service, or contact the firm at info@lghwealth.com or (952) 491-9911 to schedule your first meeting.

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