Break Out

Fashion-forward Made Effortless, Easy and Oh-So Stylish (But Still Totally Comfy)

Article by Stephanie Meinberg

Photography by Matt Capps of Loveland Premium Portraits

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wearing some combination of workout tights, joggers and loose tees since March. It’s the unofficial COVID uniform—relax-wear that made sense as we first quarantined and homeschooled, but even now at summer’s end, still remains the easiest to just shrug on daily, right? Not anymore.

We’re finally venturing out to do more than hit the grocery store, like dining al fresco (instead of grabbing takeout) or catching up with (a few!) friends. And while the pandemic has left its mark everywhere, the fashion industry’s response is game-changing. This year’s top trends pair soft, relaxed fabrics and cuts with versatile layers and tantalizing prints—making it simple to bring smart, sassy, striking style back to our everyday wardrobe without sacrificing the casual coziness we’ve all grown to love.

“I think people just want to feel good, and part of feeling good is looking good … that doesn’t always mean being dressed up,” says Lori Avallone, owner of Mainstream Boutique. “Now that we’re able to get out and do a few more things, you still want to look nice. People still want something fresh, they still want to feel fashionable—they’re just doing it in a little bit of a different way.”

Wendy Knight, owner of Lemons & Limes Boutique, agrees. “The virus obviously changed the way people are shopping—they’re very intentional about what they’re getting. We’re also seeing an increase in demand for tops versus bottoms. Because of lot of people are on zoom, they’re dressing from the waist up.”

Loungewear. Relaxed fabrics. Accessories. Core pieces (like a washed denim jacket) that easily layer or are versatile mix-and-match complements. Clothes that are functional—and fashionable. And eye-catchingly gorgeous.

“Wraps are absolutely going to be top trends for the fall and winter,” Wendy explains. “Not only can every body type wear them—and wear them well—but again, it’s effortless dressing.”

“Jumpsuits … you gotta put those on!” she continues. “All these rompers and jumpsuits have really taken their place right next to the little black dress.”

Combining a Pantone-palette blue with a leopard-trendy dress—unexpected genius. “Animal print isn’t going anywhere,” Lori says. “The great thing about that sweater is you’re taking that leopard trend, but you get a different kind of look at it with that color.”

“Tie-dye, of course, is back like crazy,” she finishes. “And we’re going to see a lot of puff sleeves—I was dying to get those in. I often tell people, anyone can wear a trend, you just have to find the right way for you to wear it, right?”

Model: Rachel Herrick, Heyman Talent | The Shops at Harper’s Point | 513.832.8003 | Downtown Loveland | 513.952.8707

Mile 42 Coffee

Mainstream. Mac and Me White Jeans, $68 | Rust Multi Poncho, $52

Lemons & Limes.The Stella Python 5-in-1 Bag, $38 | The Zoey Wrap Around Bracelet, $22

Bishop’s Quarter

Mainstream. Brown & Black Leopard Dress, $59 | Mint Animal Print Sweater, $69

Loveland Sweet Shoppe

Mainstream. Cloudy Blue Tie-Dye Puff Top, $49 | Mac and Me Indigo Jeans, $68

Lemons & Limes. Izzy Tassel Zip Hobo Bag, $75 | The Cassidy Necklace, $28

The Fountain Green

Lemons & Limes. Olivia White Basic Tee, $16 | Grace Floral Wrap Skirt, $38.95 | The Christine Jean Jacket, $46.50 | Sabrina Triple Tassel Crossbody, $88 | The Heather Necklace, $24

Loveland Bike Trail / Paxton’s Grill

Mainstream. Off-White Modal V-Neck, $36 | Nude Tencel Overalls, $79 | Enlightened Denim Amelia Jacket, $79

Lemons & Limes. Leopard Magnetic Closure Bracelet, $18 | Lauren Lane Hair Tie, $8

Nisbet Park

Lemons & Limes. Olivia White Basic Tee, $16 | Lucy Cheetah Wrap, $34.50 | Dark Denim Cello Jeans, $44.50 | Carly Crossbody, $46 | Lauren Lane Letter Necklace, $22

Ramsey’s Trailside

Lemons & Limes.The Julie Jumpsuit, $57 | The Kelly North & South Tote, $68 | The Jade Link Necklace, $44

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