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Luxe & Whimsy

beautifully curated gift boxes for any occasion

Lindsey Soklin, the owner of Luxe & Whimsy, is a homeschooling mom of two who started her career in the event planning industry. As an event planner, she often had the task of curating gifts for her clients. After noticing a need for personalized gifting options, she believed this could be a successful business opportunity creating a company where an individual could buy curated gifts directly from her, just as they would hire a DJ or a caterer. Shortly after she had kids, she decided to pursue this business idea, and in January of 2019, Luxe & Whimsy was born.

Luxe & Whimsy, now a full-service gifting company, offers prepackaged and customizable gifts for individual, group, or corporate purchases, all of which are available through their website. Lindsey loves to create unique, memorable gifts with a luxurious, high-end whimsical feel while staying true to her mission of making the gift-giving experience easy and enjoyable. 

While Lindsey performs the majority of the business operations, she brings in help for busy seasons. Her husband is also a substantial behind-the-scenes help, moving tables, boxes, and anything else Lindsey needs help with at the moment; her kids also like to get their hands in on the action when possible.

Luxe & Whimsy was featured on Today in Nashville near the end of 2020 and since then has grown and expanded outside of Lindsey's home to a small warehouse space in Mount Juliet.  Through the Luxe & Whimsy website, Lindsey can service individual customers locally and throughout the country while also serving her corporate clients that have included Warner Music, Hendrick Motorsports, Ricola, Allen Boutique, and more

Whether you need that one special gift, ten perfectly designed client gifts, or a fulfillment partner to mail out 10,000+ gifts on your behalf, Luxe & Whimsy has you covered! For more information or to order a custom gift box, visit

  • photo credit: Christy Wilson