Luxury and Longevity at Noel Home

Customer satisfaction, affordability, and luxury abound at Noel Home

A house isn’t a home unless it has furniture, and Noel Home has positioned itself as one of the most luxurious furniture stores in Houston. The family-owned business has been transforming homes for over four decades, which is no small feat in the fourth largest city in the nation. Every piece of furniture at Noel is exquisite and one of a kind, but when it comes to affordability, Noel prides itself on being accessible to every price point.

“The common misconception of many people is that they can’t afford anything in the showroom,” said owner Todd Noel. “We are a small, family-run company, and although we sell the finest designers and nicest products of any furniture store in the country, we also sell furniture that will fit many different price ranges.”

Noel Home will continue its legacy in Houston with the addition of Tod’s sons, Westin and Roman, who have grown up in the family’s furniture business. The boys are poised to follow in their fathers and grandfathers’ footsteps and help shine new light on the brand.

“It has been great having the boys working alongside me at the store. The customers and the design staff love them,” said the proud father. “A lot of staff have been with me for 25 or 30 years, so they have known the boys since they were babies, and now they are working together at the store. They are the new face of Noel Home.”

Building and maintaining authentic relationships between the customers and the designers are the heart of Noel Home. It becomes evident to anyone after talking with Tod for even a short time that those qualities are also something that he will continue to instill in his sons as Westin and Roman carry on the family’s business. Visitors to Noel Home will see both Westin and Roman’s recent influence on the store. Westin, the eldest son, has been working closely with the design staff to choose the right pieces for the store. Roman is currently interning with one of Noel’s top designers and also has plans to bring in keen marketing strategies for internet sales and social media.

Shopping at Noel Home is a simple process, the showroom is visually appealing and very well laid out. The store strives to have the best quality pieces and works closely with designers to ensure they only stock exclusive and one of a kind products. The arduous process of having unique and opulent products is how Noel has been able to establish itself as a luxury brand not just in Houston, but throughout the United States. It is not often that a furniture store takes into account not only the product but customer satisfaction and affordability, as well. Couple that with the inhouse designers, and it is not surprising that Noel Home has had such longevity in Houston.

Famous interior designer Juan Montoya once said, “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” Taking that fantasy and turning it into a reality is exactly what Noel does for Houston homes.

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