Luxury and Privacy In The Tennessee Hills

Cottage at the Ridge

Brad Rempel, frontman for High Valley grew up in Northern Canada (near Juneau, Alaska) but says Williamson County is “one of the most beautiful places he’s ever been.” So it’s no surprise that he and his family decided to build a breathtaking cottage in Spring Hill, not far from the home they purchased in . ”I grew up farming {in northern Canada} so when we moved out here to Spring Hill, even though we have three acres, it was still very different than where I grew up. I’d ride my dirt bike just trying to find some wide open spaces.”

While he was out riding his bike, Rempel, who says he has nothing in common with a normal Canadian upbringing, continues, “One day, nine years ago, I saw an actual cattle drive. Guys on horses getting cattle down to a pond.” Clearly, that sight intrigued him enough to want to own the land. “We kept our eyes on the property. When it became available, we bought a little bit. And as the years went on, we bought more. We’d ride our dirt bikes there and I promised I’d build a shed to leave the dirt bikes. That shed grew into a garage. That garage escalated into having a bathroom. Then Covid hit and music row shut down all the recording studios. So we then decided to add a little creative writing space.” And the Cottage at the Ridge was born.

Rempel says, “We posted it online. Then word spread and it snowballed.”

Luke Combs spent some time at the property. Brittany Aldean did a photo shoot there. Rempel adds, “I feel like everyone has stayed there!”

You too, can stay there, as the Rempel family has the cottage listed on AirBNB..

Rempel describes the property as “modern farmhouse, but 90% modern and 10% farmhouse.” He and his wife Rebekah worked together designing and creating the aesthetic.

“The view is my favorite. It feels like you’re not in Spring Hill but that you took a trip. It only takes me 10 minutes to get there from my home but I feel like I’m in the mountains. There’s so much beauty in it. It’s a phenomenal place to be.”

On the music side, High Valley has just released their newest album, "Way Back," where Rempel says, fans chose their music. “I’ve always given our fans a lot of credit for choosing our music.” Rempel co-wrote all 13 of the album’s tracks.

“I write - that’s what I do. I love when other people record my songs. It’s the biggest compliment. For my High Valley projects, it’s very much about faith, family and country music. I draw inspiration from nostalgia and from my actual everyday life. I take my kids to basketball, football  and baseball games every day and pray every night that they don’t grow up too fast and live forever.”

Rempel co-wrote “World Could Use A Dirt Road” about the dirt road they had to dig out and build to get to the cottage. He says, “This is what everybody needs. It’s therapeutic and could help us all out right now.”

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