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Luxury Dog Collars + Leashes


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Do you ever feel like you spoil your pet a little too much? Nonsense! Your dog is your baby, and you should get them whatever it is you love. If you love designer clothing, it's time to take your pup's fashion to the next level as well. Here are some gorgeous collars and leashes that are sure to make you stand out at the dog park.

Mungo + Maud

"A keen botany student, your dog has always been a fan of flowers. So keen in fact, he can’t help but dig them up for a closer examination! At least the pretty rows of colour and embroidered flower emblem on his Flora Dog Collar and Lead remain undisturbed."

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Wild One

"Set yourself up right with our popular on-the-go essentials. The Walk Kit comes with our signature dog Collar paired with the color-matched Leash and Poop Bag Carrier."

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Tiffany + Co.

"Tiffany’s classic pet accessories are crafted from only the highest quality Italian leather and custom hardware for a luxurious look and feel. Bridle leather designs are just the thing for your furry friend."

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"Breaking ground in 2020, our boutique/cafe will be an elegant pet boutique and café that will provide a friendly dog-loving place to shop and enjoy premium coffee, tea and tasty treats with your pooch. Providing awareness and support of adoption through all Pet Rescues, 5 percent of purchases online and at our boutique will be given to rescue organizations to support rescue efforts. All with the goal of finding a forever home for these sweet animals. Shop our PUCCI Online Boutique now and help support dog rescues with every purchase."

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