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Making Style Your Own with Alex Delotch Davis and Gallerie 88

Article by Stevie Peterson

Photography by Sydney A. Foster

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

Tyler Perry ensured Atlanta became one of the most sought after places for the film industry dubbing Atlanta the “Black Hollywood.” Years ago, Jermaine Dupri and So So Def help to solidify music artists from Atlanta as the hottest sounds in radio. Enter Alex Delotch Davis and her take on what we know as luxury. She is on tap to make Atlanta the next fashion hotspot.  

As a teen, Delotch Davis was introduced to modeling by her mother, initially the goal was that of a “finishing school” but Delotch Davis was intrigued by patterns, how politics impacted styles over time, creating a unique look for a special occasion and most importantly flash versus elegance.   Her love of fabrics was instilled by her father, a large man in stature, who preferred his clothing tailored.   Her father and she would discuss fabrics, lining of clothing items, the perfect crease, and how to “pull it all together” to create a signature style.

Fashion vs Style:  Fashion is academic. It's understanding what the designer is doing.

                                                 Style is making it your own.


Though not all of us are lucky enough to have Delotch Davis on speed dial so we can ask her for an opinion on what to wear or who the hottest designer in luxury is right now, we have the next best thing- Gallerie 88.   Delotch Davis created Galllerie 88 as Atlanta’s answer to Vogue magazine.  Gallerie 88 is where she creates experiences for people, helps to create narratives to evoke feelings and introduces consumers to Black luxury and design.

Gallerie 88 highlights how Black people have taken more fashion risks when compared to other cultures. Since Black people are not necessarily restricted by mainstream “style rules,” we have reinterpreted what some may consider to be European Luxury. Black designers have used these flexibilities and freedoms to be creative, redefining what mainstream initially thought was “style,” exaggerated it, then repackaged it as true Black luxury.  

Brands like Gucci, Prada, and Michael Kors are considered luxury because the consumer decided the additional cost to purchase one of these items was worth making the financial sacrifice in order to garner how having the item would make them feel.  It’s the same with luxury cars, furniture, art, fine fragrances.  Black creatives who work behind the scenes for these brands are now branching out to define true black luxury.

Let’s be honest, luxury comes with a cost.  In order for a brand to be considered luxury it often also embodies high quality, craftsmanship, time dedication from the creator, and possess the ability to evoke a feeling from the purchaser.  Simply owning a luxury brand also speaks to the character of the purchaser.   Delotch Davis understands that for black designers the key to imparting this feeling to many consumers is the ability to market to the masses.

Gallerie 88 will showcase these brands, and we can be assured that any designer brand highlighted is one Delotch Davis has vetted with her high standards and keen eye for what has the potential to be the next big thing.  She knows that black people help determine what is trendy, from building architecture, to candles, to clothing, to cosmetics, to parfum, what black people support with their financial power has the potential to go beyond being “black famous” to being sought after across industries.

Gallerie 88 is redesigning their website and you are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list so you will be among the first to know when the next “Telfar” or “Romeo Hunte” hits the scene.  Black dollars define black luxury and Gallerie 88 is the starting point.


Makeup: Matty Townsend

Styling: David Duncan

Shot on location at the home of Michel Smith Boyd

Alex Delotch Davis  is a graduate of SCAD with a degree in Luxury and Fashion Management, she has previously  worked with the City of Atlanta on events like jazz festivals and introducing students in Atlanta Public Schools were introduced to the arts.  Currently she is the manager of marketing for the High Museum of Art. 

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