Luxury Homes for 40 Years

Comito Design | Build: Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future

History and reputation.

Those are the sturdy pillars upon which Comito Design | Build stands.

“We’ve been deeply rooted in this community and we’re not going anywhere,” says Nate Banet, one of two managing partners for this luxury home builder.

Comito, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, was founded by second-generation home builder Claude Comito. He continues to serve as business and construction consultant—and as a bridge from the past to the future.

“He brings a wealth of knowledge and tons of experience,” Banet says.  

“He’s a true craftsman,” adds Lauren Comito-Perrault, the company’s other managing partner – a third generation home builder who happens to be Comito’s daughter.

Intention + Innovation

Not many businesses have been around for four decades. It’s a testament to Comito Design | Build’s solid craftsmanship, personal relationships and eye toward innovation. This design/build firm is a leader—not a follower.

Comito can turn a patch of dirt and a client’s vision into their dream residence, all while helping guide the myriad decisions from a cost perspective.

“(Clients) always know where things are headed,” Comito-Perrault says. “We take an intentional approach to designing and building. We’re not just winging it. … Our business is a business of millions of details. We put a lot of effort into how things will look and function at the end of the day.”

During a recent build, a client initially wanted a specific accordion door. It looked great on paper, but Comito-Perrault and Banet didn’t believe it would hold up well over the years. They sat down with the client, explained their concerns and the client decided on a different, equally beautiful door that will stand the test of time.

“(Some) other builders will tell people what they want to hear,” Banet says. “We tell people what they need to know. … It’s not a dollhouse.” 

Honesty and integrity matter—Comito’s team is upfront about costs, timelines and whether something will work or not. They believe transparency is key to trust and to designing and building a custom home clients can afford and will love for years to come.

“Everyone takes a lot of pride in what we do,” Comito-Perrault says. “We sweat the details.”

Building to the Land

Colorado Springs is a place of hills and boulders and red dirt and Ponderosa pines. And the views are magical. Different windows of a home here might look out on Pikes Peak, fiery sunrises or grazing deer and elk. That’s why Comito likes to work with clients from the start, often helping find the perfect canvas for their dream.

“No two lots are the same. … We’re really designing to the land,” Comito-Perrault says, adding that they build anywhere in the region.

As for the design of the home, the sky is the limit—that’s the beauty of a full custom home. If a client sees something spectacular in a magazine, the Comito team will do its best to track that item down. It’s those tiny details that make a home unique.

Comito-Perrault and Banet say they’re always up for a challenge—no style is out of bounds. At the moment, they are constructing a mountain modern home with lots of steel, lots of glass and an intricate heating and cooling system.

“It’ll be a statement home in our community,” Comito-Perrault says.

Most of their clients are retired or professionals raising a family and the folks at Comito consider it a privilege to help them design and build their dream home.

“People have worked very hard to get to this point in their life,” Banet says.

This small firm with just a handful of talented employees only builds four to six homes per year. That means each home gets the “A” team every day. Comito isn’t just building houses; after all, it’s building legacies.

Website: https://comitodesignbuild.com/
Facebook: @ComitoBuilding
Instagram: @Comito_Design_Build

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