Luxury Pop-Up Picnics

These Picture-Perfect Parties Are Popping Up All Over

Luxury pop-up picnics. They’re the newest trend in parties and they’re popping up everywhere. Originally inspired by the pandemic, which made outdoor gatherings one of the only ways to safely get together, these fun and fabulous themed events started popping up all over the country. Some entrepreneurs turned luxury pop-up picnics into new business models, while others simply hopped on the bandwagon with personal celebrations. Either way, pop-up picnics are a fun and unique way to celebrate just about anything.

So what does a luxury pop-up picnic entail? First, you need a reason to celebrate. Pop-up picnic themes have included birthdays, engagements, bridal and baby showers, gender reveals, anniversaries, retirement parties, and more. Really any event is a great excuse to throw one together.

The most important step is choosing a theme. Your theme will help guide your decisions on everything else. The five main elements include a table, seating, food, drink, and decor. The table setting is what really defines your theme. Choose a tablecloth, plates, glasses, napkins, and some sort of tabletop decor (vases, balloons, lanterns, etc.) that reflects the theme. Playful or posh, eclectic or elegant, the table will immediately communicate the vibe you’re going for.

When it comes to food, you can make it fit the theme as well. Food can be simple and homemade or catered. You can feature all appetizers, all desserts, or whatever seems right for the type of celebration you’re having.

The most wonderful thing about pop-up picnics is that they can literally pop up anywhere - in a park, a backyard, a beach, poolside, a specific venue - like a winery or outdoor restaurant (with permission from the owner obviously). The sky’s the limit.

How to Host a Pop-Up Picnic

So you want to plan a pop-up picnic. Here are some items you’ll have to decide on:

Seating - decide on seating and either bring a table and chairs or use something at the venue. Your table can be low to the ground on a blanket with pillows for seats, a traditional wooden picnic table, rectangular folding tables, or round tables placed close together. There really are no rules. Just make sure people have somewhere to sit, relax, and eat. The only real challenge is making sure the tables are already at the venue or that they are portable enough to transport them to the venue.

Food and Drink - you can have the food catered, you can pack sandwiches and chips in a picnic basket or cooler, or you can break out a fancy pre-made charcuterie tray. It all depends on the type of food you want - fancy and frou-frou or simple and snacky.

To add a personal touch, create a large sign with a message on it to set the tone. It can be an easel set up on the ground or a sign hung from a tree limb - whatever works best. Be creative!

A photo backdrop is a great idea if you want to go over the top. Luxury pop-up picnics are all the rage on social media, so having a spot for a great photo-op will give guests a fun way to share their experience online.

If a luxury pop-up picnic sounds great, but you’d rather have someone else do all the work, check around. There are companies that specialize in these picnics who can take care of it all so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Either way, it’s a fun way to make a celebration unique and memorable. So find an excuse to celebrate and plan a luxury pop-up picnic of your own.

There’s really no occasion that can’t be celebrated with a pop-up picnic. Some themes have included, romantic dates, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, gender reveals, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a surprise wedding proposal.

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