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Luxury Self-Care Has A New Address

Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh Sets Her Sights On Leveling Up Local Spa Market

After a long career in the corporate world, this former CEO didn't feel like sitting on the sidelines. Her idea of fun wasn't finding a new hobby but discovering her "next act" opportunity. Lifestyle discusses with Treasa Turnbeaugh, Ph.D., CSP, CAE, IOM, FASSP, what inspired her to launch Woodhouse Spa in St. Louis.

"I attempted a low-key retirement for a time, but quickly decided that wasn't for me," says Treasa. "I began to think of all I had to offer professionally and personally to a great organization. I knew I wanted to own my own business again, and kept thinking about the revitalization a spa experience can bring to one's life."

She says health and wellness were a common thread throughout her career and life. "I kept thinking about the spa I visited in Carmel, Indiana, which stood out above the rest. This was Woodhouse Spa. I left that spa experience feeling like royalty. When I discovered it was a franchise, I was committed to bringing that world-class luxury experience to the St. Louis area. Suddenly, my next act was born."

The Woodhouse Spa brand embodies a personal touch of luxury surrounded by a mid-century modern decor within a Scandinavian aura backdrop.

"My motivation is to be a disruptor in the spa space in the St. Louis area," says Treasa. "I want to raise the community's expectations of mood and body care by providing an elevated experience for guests that exudes pampering and luxury."

Treasa's team is dedicated to creating an immersive self-care experience for clients.

"I hold a Ph.D. in health services research with a minor in epidemiology and three master's degrees in health, wellness and business. I encourage lifelong learning for myself and others," Treasa adds.

She says she wants guests to come in and exhale in a sanctuary where they can have a time and place to focus just on themselves. "You'll find a full suite of luxury spa services. The experience before, during and after sets us apart. I've been blessed with many unique experiences in my life, including attending a Royal tea party at Buckingham Palace, festivities at the House of Lords, jeep surfing the Arabian desert, attending meetings at the Pentagon and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, speaking with governmental delegates in China, India and Dubai. My experiences at Woodhouse Spas have been just as impressionable. I believe I'm bringing something very special to St. Louis."

Services at The Woodhouse Spa include a variety of rejuvenating massages, body treatments, soaks and facials, including hydra facial treatments, salt therapy, infrared sauna, red-light bed therapy, waxing and luxury mani-pedis with seasonal highlight offerings. 

"We offer a quiet relaxation area and VIP relaxation room for solitude and meditation before and after treatments. We also offer a party relaxation room for groups who prefer socializing. This is not a med spa, but a luxurious day spa experience," Treasa explains.

Son and business partner Tony Turnbeaugh oversees technology and staff development. They want each team member to be ambassadors of wellness, so the staff has their own relaxation room with a luxury massage chair just for them.

Tony says he's seen firsthand how Treasa brings out the finest in those around her. "Her life is about lifting people up and bringing out the best in them. She invests in her team and mentors people to live their best lives, which translates into great customer service."

Woodhouse Spa is located at the corner of Manchester and Clarkson Road in Ellisville.

"My motivation is to be a disruptor in the spa space in the St. Louis area," says Treasa Turnbeaugh. "I want to raise the community's expectations of mood and body care by providing an elevated experience for the guest that exudes pampering and luxury."

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