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Luxury Hair in the Heart of Nashville

a Morgan Stradiot personalized experience

Magic is the best word to describe your experience with Morgan Stradiot, a luxury hair extension specialist in Nashville. Morgan loves the beauty industry's wide range of personalization and loves having her unique niche in this industry. Being able to change the way someone feels about themselves positively has become so fulfilling to her personally.

Morgan describes how the evolution of hair extensions has changed the beauty industry game. Morgan is thankful that extensions are included in this and have become a normal part of a woman's beauty routine through their continuous improvements.

Some women are still hesitant to use hair extensions to achieve their "dream hair" look. However, Morgan is confident in her process and experience with the Kacey Welch Method. She knows she can help women finally achieve the hairstyle of their dreams while requiring minimum effort on their end. Their unique high-end technology and luxury quality make it easy for her clients to care for their extensions. The Kacey Welch Method remains the most desirable in the industry because of its phenomenal quality, non-damaging products, and ease of care and maintenance.

"Extensions are an investment. It's a commitment that should make your daily 'get ready' routine easier, not harder. Choosing a luxury brand will ensure that." 

When asked if a significant other should buy extensions as a gift, Morgan says, "Yes, absolutely that's a thing! Just don't look for the "best deal" when shopping. Just like if you're going to gift your significant other a Louis Vuitton bag, you probably shouldn't get it from Facebook marketplace!" 

Morgan prides herself on providing the best methods for her clients that allow their natural hair to improve while wearing extensions. The hair itself is reusable and (with good care) can last up to a year. Lastly, Morgan wishes for all her clients to first and foremost do whatever brings them joy. "Live in a state of happiness as much as you can. That will continue to bless you and those around you." - @morganstradiot