Fitness Concepts Transcending Style

3 Fitness Concepts That Carry Over to Style with Lyngso Fitness Academy

1) There is no “right way” to dress: just effective or ineffective.

Are you dressing to stand out, or perhaps to fit in? Maybe it’s about functionality, like for the gym or work. If you’re a workout-clothing-everyday person there is nothing wrong with that. Effective or ineffective can only be judged by you, once you’ve determined what it is you want out of your clothing. 

2) Clothes can amplify what you’re already feeling. 

Why do some people pull off certain looks while others can wear the same clothes and totally bomb?

It’s because your outfit amplifies what you’re already feeling. If you’re confident, and you dig the outfit you picked out, it will amplify your confidence. 

If you’re feeling insecure, and you wear clothes that you’re unsure about (maybe because a stylist or spouse picked them) the clothing will amplify the insecurity you feel.

3) Vibe check: Clothes can be a magnet for like-minded people. 

They can give subtle clues to what “tribe” we’re in. Just like a magnet, clothes will attract or repel. The bolder the style, the more magnetic (and therefore polarizing) it becomes.

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