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A Senior Center Where You Can Live the Life You Love

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

What are the first words that pop into your head when you hear “assisted living”? Old, cramped, stuffy, boring, melancholy, stale ... or other adjectives that aren’t usually associated with anything good? 

For many assisted living facilities, those words are appropriate descriptors. But take one step inside the spacious entry at Magnolia Springs Assisted Living and Memory Care in Loveland, and those words go right out the window—instead replaced with roomy, cheerful, happy, lively, spirited, vibrant, exciting. 

In fact, Magnolia Springs not only changes the way you’d think about assisted living homes, but goes above and beyond, to celebrate life—a philosophy that rules over everything they do. 

Still skeptical? Perhaps this will help—here’s more about Magnolia Springs and the way they not only take care of their senior residents, but how they give back to this community as well. 

Seven Facilities and 12 Years Ago …

More than 12 years ago, Magnolia Springs’s founding family went in search of a senior living facility for a family member—and came up empty-handed. Instead of settling, they created their own setting to meet their needs and the needs of future residents, explains Debby Farmer, Magnolia’s director of community relations. 

After building their first facility in Louisville, Kentucky, the founders went on to add six additional communities—another in Louisville, two in Indianapolis, and one each in Lexington, Florence and Loveland. 

Debby says that one of the most important features you’ll find at every Magnolia Springs is a sense of community. “A philosophy of celebration rules everything we do. We celebrate our residents and help them live each day with a purpose—while supplying a safety net of support.”

To that end, the facility provides around-the-clock nursing and caregiving, plus three chef-prepared meals a day and weekly housekeeping. In addition, they’re committed to offering a holistic approach to total health and wellness, working to ensure overall physical, psychological and social well-being.

Celebrate Life While Living the Life You Love (Safely)

Debby says that choosing Loveland for one of their facilities was so appropriate when you consider their motto: “live the life you love.” But, she points out, in addition to their central location close to I-275 and many other Greater Cincinnati attractions, it’s the assisted living home itself that really makes it stand out from the pack. 

“We have so much common space in our community—there are very large and bright hallways, lots of living rooms, a country kitchen, sun porches and a 50s diner just to name a few special features.”  

However, even with the ample living space, ensuring the wellness and safety of every Magnolia Springs resident and employee during the past couple of years wasn’t without its challenges. 

Debby went on to describe how their executive director, Katie Huff, did a fantastic job at keeping everyone safe, providing direction and working with their management company’s policies—as well as the CDC and State of Ohio—to remain compliant during COVID. 

“We learned to pivot,” Debby says. “At the onset, we had to have residents remain in their apartments—so we were very creative in providing activities. We offered exercise at your door and a mobile happy hour cart. We also implemented a plan called Eversafe 360, which expanded our cleaning efforts and installed an air purifying system.”

Another important safety component has been the communication to families and residents about the constant changes in policies, especially those for visitations. “We’ve implemented mandatory vaccinations, and are still doing weekly testing of our team members,” Debby says. “While this has been a very challenging time, we’ve also bonded more ... our families have been so supportive.” 

Magnolia Springs Gives Back

As large as the Magnolia Springs community is, they always want to feel part of the even larger community outside their doors. To achieve this, they work at giving back whenever they can. Pre-pandemic, the facility frequently opened its doors to different agencies in the community as a great meeting space.

Magnolia Springs has also hosted several professional organizations, offered educational events, been involved in area Chambers of Commerce, and held several fundraisers throughout the years to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

“We simply have a responsibility to give back,” Debby says. “I can’t wait to get back to more when our doors open to the public again!”

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Giving Back to You: 5 Signs a Loved One May Need a Memory Care Setting

  1. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or another dementia-related condition.

  2. Too much caregiver stress.

  3. A decline in overall health such as sudden weight loss, lack of food or spoiled food in the fridge, not taking medications correctly, neglecting personal hygiene, hunched or sunken posture, unpaid bills.

  4. Little to no social life or retreating from things they’ve enjoyed in the past.

  5. Safety concerns like getting lost or turned around when out, house in disrepair, difficulty in working remotes or phones, not using the stove or microwave correctly.

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