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Maison de Maître

This french inspired home is the perfect fusion of grandeur and warmth

The Village of Loch Lloyd is home to a unique residence that seamlessly blends French elegance with modern comfort. With a grandmother with French heritage and New Orleans roots, and a husband having a background in construction, their collaboration resulted in a home that is both a tribute to family traditions and a showcase of architectural prowess.

“The inspiration for our home came from our travels to the Loire Valley, about two hours southwest of Paris, which offers France's greatest array of châteaues. This is where the aristocrats from Paris retreated to hunt. My husband is an avid hunter and I wasn't thrilled to do a home with hunting decor. However, after we visited the Loire Valley, I could see how we could mix our styles.”

The home is full of detail, evident in every room. The staircase draws inspiration from Haussmann architecture, reminiscent of French apartment buildings.

“Haussmann-style architecture is synonymous with modern-day Paris and Montpelier. They were designed by 19th-century official Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who revamped the city in a vast project that remodeled over 12,000 structures to match his refined design. The stair rail and exterior iron were custom manufactured by Oriental Ideas.”

The kitchen features 18th-century credenzas, and the brick barrel vault adds a touch of antiquity. The wine nook boasts a brick ceiling inspired by an Italian Villa, and bathrooms showcase stone walls and antique elements.

“18th century credenzas were purchased and dismantled to be used for the facing of the kitchen cabinets and various other areas throughout the house. The wine credenzas were built with antique furniture that was dismantled and we used wine boxes for the drawers.”

Wood herringbone floors, interior stone walls, antique French chandeliers, imported marble fireplace, church spire, archways, and a groin vaulted foyer create a harmonious symphony of elements throughout the house. Imported, repurposed French panel doors and ornate scrolled iron further enhance the old-world charm. The exterior, with recessed and bull-nosed walls, door, and window thresholds, exudes the appearance of a timeless masonry foundation.

“Every room has been thought through with an obsession to detail. The home opens from east to west and south. When the weather is pleasant, we frequently open all the doors from the front of the home to a pea gravel veranda and to the back that surrounds the pool and outdoor living area.”

While the road to realizing their dream home was not without hurdles, the homeowners found solace in the expertise of Elswood Smith Carlson Architects, PA. Architects John Mackaman and Weston Coble played a crucial role in understanding and executing the intricate details envisioned by the homeowners.

Describing their style as "Maison de maître," a term denoting a residence with the architectural detail of a château but slightly smaller, the home embodies the essence of the Loire Valley. It's a fusion of grandeur and warmth that defines this unique style.

The couple frequently sources their antiques from Woodson Place, a treasure trove with a historical narrative behind each piece. Their advice to fellow antique enthusiasts: shop for what you like, relish unique finds, and appreciate the stories embedded in each item. The homeowners have woven the essence of France into the fabric of their home. Every corner tells a story, echoing the landscapes and culture they've encountered during their travels.