Make Good Choices, Kids

Dr. Lauren’s Best (+ Some Not-So-Best) Foods for Healthy Teeth

What’s the Jaw About?
According to Loveland Pediatric Dentistry, keeping these best and worst bites in mind can help maintain healthy teeth and keep you and your family beaming. First what’s good, then what to skip. Smile—the future looks bright.     

Enjoy: Crunchy Fruits & Veggies
Ok, maybe not the most constantly craveable, but things like raw carrots, celery and apples help remove plaque from teeth. They’re full of beneficial nutrients and fiber, too. 

Enjoy: Good ’Ol H2O
Water—a clear top pick (literally, water won’t stain). Plus, it’s non-abrasive, free of any harmful ingredients, and helps wash food particles away. You know you need lots of it, so drink up.

Enjoy: Lean Proteins & Nuts
Think fish, poultry, tofu, a variety nuts like almonds, and similar items. Not only are these foods delicious and satisfying, but high in protein and low in cavity-causing sugar.

Enjoy: Clear Diet Soda
Clear liquids won’t dim that toothy grin you’ve brushed so hard for, and there’s no … you guessed it (but we have a sweet treat for you in our final good choice, next).

Enjoy: Chocolate & Ice Cream
Yes? YES. If you’re having dessert, chocolate and ice cream are go-to's because they dissolve quickly. Our Happy Valentine’s Day gift to you! Now, for what to avoid …

Skip: Carbohydrates
Especially crackers—unfortunately, all those little fish-shaped snacks, graham crackers, sweetened cereals, etc., we love. Bacteria eat the carbohydrates and other sugars, produce acid, and the acid creates holes (cavities) in teeth.

Skip: Dried Fruits
All fruits are not created equal. Unlike the raw apples mentioned earlier, dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and peaches are high in sugar content and stubbornly cling to teeth.     

Skip: Sticky Candies
The fun chew factor we’re drawn to can be troublesome for the very same reasons as dried fruits. Limit your intake of Swedish fish, those colorfully coated fruit candies, gummies and similar.

Meet: Dr. Lauren Capozza
Great dental health starts early. Teach little ones proper brushing and connect them with a specialized pediatric dentist like local favorite, Dr. Lauren.

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