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ALA 2020 Basketball Coaches

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3 Core Values

Introducing the ALA Basketball coaches and the core values they hope the kids will learn on the court

Head Basketball Coach Dave Novak grew up in New Jersey.   To say that competition was part of his life would be an understatement.   Being a family of two boys, he and his older brother Adam competed at everything.   During high school, he was involved in 9 different team sports, and as a Senior he concentrated on four sports where he traveled and competed against some of the premier teams in the nation in basketball, baseball, tennis, and cross country.  Playing multiple sports, with multiple coaches, with hundreds of different players, and multitudes of wins and losses teaches you so many valuable life lessons.  “I learned the most valuable life lesson of trying new things and failing my way to success.  Through playing multiple sports, it forced me to pay attention to the details, not be afraid to fail, and taught me the value of a hard personal work ethic.,”, expressed Novak

Coach Novak has assembled an amazing team of coaches for the American Leadership Academy’s (ALA) Varsity High School and Junior High Program.  Assistant Coach at the High School is Coach Brad Martineau.  Coach Martineau is a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated family man with a passion for basketball. 

“Every lesson I’ve learned about leadership, teamwork, effort, and success has its roots in basketball.  By day Coach Martineau runs his consulting and software companies, but that’s just a front as his real passion is basketball. “I’ve been playing for basically my whole life and got into coaching about 5 years ago. I believe that we are all on this earth to do two things: 1) become the best version of ourselves so that we can 2) better serve those around us.

Coaching the Junior High Program is NBA veteran and former Phoenix Sun center Steven Hunter. After meeting at a tournament and becoming quick friends. Coach Novak and Hunter realized not only did they share a love of basketball but also in their core beliefs in building up our youth were perfectly aligned  Coach Hunter remarked,  “if they leave the court  learning just this one lesson, “BE A LEADER”, then I will consider my coaching time with them a success.  When kids learn to be a leader weather on a team, or in the classroom, that lesson will stick with them in everything they achieve in life.  

Coach Novak’s core belief is that when you make a commitment to a team for a season, you're learning how to commit to a job, or a career, or commit to a spouse.  There are life lessons through all aspects of the season and dynamics within the team, and challenges that you will face that will shape you into being a great young man. “That's what we're teaching.  We're teaching them how important it is to be on time, to be dependable, to be trustworthy, to be strong mentally.  The challenges they face on the court will prepare them for life which can be up and down, just like the ups and downs of a season.”  

My assistant coaches and I have come up with 3 core values that will help them through the season and through their lives.  My goal is that they never forget them.

Number 1 is, "TOGETHER WE RISE". 

This is about teamwork, listening to each other's ideas, having respect for one another, and learning how to communicate effectively to reach a common goal as leaders.

Number 2 is,  "SEEK THE CHALLENGE". 

This means that we don't want our players shying away from something that may be difficult or look insurmountable.  We want them to be able to blast through fears and worries and be comfortable being uncomfortable to go head on into a challenge and not be afraid to fail.

Number 3 is, "ENJOY THE RIDE". 

I implemented this because I want our players to understand that hard work can be fun and to enjoy the journey of life.  Enjoy each day, enjoying each practice, or each moment of getting better.  Enjoy your friends, and be a positive uplifting voice in the community.

Through these 3 core values, I believe that we'll create champions of basketball, and of life.

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