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Vin Bhagirath and Shem Sabovic, Experts on All Things Apple

I’m on my computer a lot. A lot, a lot. And if it’s not my computer, it’s my phone. I would make a guess that you, too, spend a lot of time on your devices. We all do. But what happens when they go on the fritz? What happens when we have that inkling that it may be time for a new computer? 

If you’re an Apple user like me, you know their products are pretty user friendly even in their end stages, though I’m certainly not a pro. But there are two guys who are pros and certified Mac Technicians at that. Meet Vin Bhagirath and Shem Sabovic of Genius On The Go. 

These two guys blow the stereotype of ‘Geek Squad’ or ‘nerdy IT guy’ out of the water. They’re quick and creative problem solvers who teach their clients how best to optimize their experience with their Apple products. You know, along with fixing the really important stuff.

Vin and Shem met ten years ago working at the Apple store in Greenwich but their love of computers and technology started years prior, coincidentally both stemming from music. 

For Shem, he says “Music made me more savvy in computers. I was working on Garageband and using a second-generation iPod when I figured out I could upgrade the hard drive. Macs were made for creatives and the Apple operating system was the segue.” For Vin, it was a popular ritual many of us may remember, “When burning CD’s became popular, I knew I needed an internal CD burner. So, I got one and was able to take the computer apart, install it, and reassemble.”

Back when they worked at the Genius Bar it was the place to get all your questions answered. As technology advanced, the appointments at the Apple stores were made shorter. Vin and Shem had a hard time keeping appointments to fifteen minutes (Apple’s standard) since technology issues are usually not a one-way street: there can be a lot happening all at once. So they made the minimum appointment with Genius On The Go an hour. They’ll pick up your device and return it when it’s fixed, tunnel into your computer to fix on the fly or, for someone who wants a tutorial, do a house call. 

With so many people working remotely, I had to ask what the most frequent issues they hear when clients (or new clients) reach out. Pre-pandemic we may have put up with a computer glitch here or there, but now, with so much of our personal and professional lives behind a screen, everything needs to function properly. “Because we offer a range of services, we hear a lot of different problems and questions. A few big ones are WiFi issues, iCloud assistance, overall computer slowness, data transfer and parental controls. The good news is all of these can lead to training to help clients fix problems or avoid them all together” according to the geniuses. 

Ah yes, computer slowness. A big indicator that it just may be time for a new computer. But what about all the files on my old computer? The photos? How does one even decide what they need? “Our first step here is figuring out when the computer was generated. Usually, computers start to slow around six years. If you’re a 'power user’ (what Vin and Shem define as someone who uses a lot of RAM; meaning photographers, videographers, people working with large files or alternatively, someone who’s a multitasker with many tabs open at once) we estimate three years. We do consultations with our clients when it’s time for a new computer to understand their usage and wants so there are no surprises when the new machine arrives.” They even offer a white glove service where they assess your needs, help you pick out a new computer, and deliver your device once data has been transferred so it’s set up and ready to go.

And with so many important documents going digital, it’s best to know how to store or organize those files. Vin and Shem have a perfect system in place, “Digital organization by creating file architecture. Don’t leave important files in your downloads folder - that’s the messy kitchen drawer of your computer. Create a file structure so you can easily locate all the files you need and then save them onto the Cloud. You can even sync your devices so you can scan a document with your iPad or iPhone and have it appear instantly on your computer.”

Whether you need tech assistance with your computer, want to learn how to sync and optimize your Apple products, simply Marie Kondo your files, Vin and Shem are the team to call. “Technology moves at such a quick pace, so something we update today could change in a month. It’s our job to stay on top of all the changes happening so we stay the experts and are able to teach others.”

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