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MidPointe Library Makerspace Offers Creative Solutions for Small Businesses + Families

Have you ever wanted to make a personalized gift, but lacked the necessary tools? Or tried to order a customized item for your business, only to discover a cost-prohibitive minimum order requirement? The MidPointe Library Makerspace, Innovation Pointe, offers creative solutions for small businesses and families.

“For a small business, this is so practical,” says Cari Hillman, community engagement director. “This provides opportunities that you really couldn’t afford to do one-off–it would be too expensive. So for a small business, this is a great option if you need branded materials.”

The Makerspace isn’t limited to businesses–any member of the family can schedule a time to get trained on the extensive selection of equipment at Innovation Pointe.

“We offer in-person appointments where you can come in, get trained on the machine, learn how to use it, learn how it works and how to operate the software,” says Makerspace Supervisor Noah Howells. 

“You can select something that you can create and look at as a family,” adds Cari. “The togetherness time and the joys of creating something with your children is absolutely amazing.”

Here is a rundown of seven of the most popular resources available at Innovation Pointe.

Wall Vinyl/Stickers

“We have local businesses that use it for their product labels or their displays on the walls of their business, door signs, window signage and more,” says Noah. MidPointe charges at cost by the linear foot, starting at just $1 for a 6 inch by 28 inch sheet of stickers.

Button Maker

At just 15 cents apiece, the button maker is a great choice for all ages. Bring a printed image, then use templates to create the final 2.25-inch button. 

3D Scanner + Printers

The 3D scanner makes a near-identical digital model file that can be 3D printed. This is popular for replacing lost game pieces or replicating precious memorabilia. The 3D printers can produce your own design or the staff offers feature prints that change monthly. Printer filament is provided at a pass-through cost of 10 cents per gram. 

Laser Engraver + Cutter

“Our most popular (machine) is our laser cutter/engraver,” says Noah. “It uses a high-power CO2 laser to cut through and engrave on lots of different types of material.” MidPointe stocks a selection of materials that patrons can purchase at cost such as plywood, acrylic and MDF panels. Patrons may bring in their own materials and use the machine for free. Popular uses are to engrave on glass, water bottles and travel mugs.

Large Format Vinyl Printer

The large format vinyl printer can print banners and posters up to 52 inches high and as long as 150 feet. This is used to create large banners for events, parties, birthday celebrations and more. Grommets can be added to make them easy to hang. Costs range from $2 to $4 per linear foot.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer special ink. Innovation Pointe has a clamshell used for flat objects such as t-shirts and canvas bags (check their website for material requirements). Their mug press is designed specifically for mugs meant to be sublimated on, which they sell on-site at-cost, starting at $3.50.

Digital Conversation

Innovation Point has tools to convert precious memories to digital. Patrons can rapidly scan photos and also convert 8mm film, slides and VHS to digital. “All of this is fabulous for saving those memories,” says Cari. “Anything you have on VHS that you want to preserve, you’re going to need to convert to digital.”

Expanding Soon

Innovation Pointe will be expanding in the next few months. “There will be creation stations,” says Cari. “Those will be computers that are preloaded with the Adobe Creative Suite so folks can come in, design their projects here with that software and then provide a little more space for equipment and also makerspace-oriented programming.” 

Visit to see the hours and schedule a time to get trained or use the equipment.

The MidPointe Library Makerspace team of experts: Graphic Designer, Alexis Estoye; Makerspace Supervisor, Noah Howells; Makerspace Specialist Chris Bell + Community Engagement Director, Cari Hillman.