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Make Your Valentine Fall in Love All Over Again

It likely comes as no surprise that keeping the romance alive in a relationship requires effort.  So why not take the first step and give your love the romance they're craving? Try the following to reap the reward of falling in love all over again.

Be spontaneous. Do things on a whim with your partner to awaken the feelings you both felt when your relationship first blossomed.

Write a love note. Just a simple "I love you" or "I can't wait to spend time with you" is sure to make their day. 

Laugh at their jokes and with them. Shared laughter brings couples closer together. So look for opportunities to share laughter with your partner. Watch sitcoms or just be silly together.

Offer physical affection. This is so simple – a gentle touch or a quick kiss on the cheek can happen anytime or any place. Look for ways and opportunities to show your affection.

Make or bring home your partner's favorite dinner. Go all out and don't forget the candles, wine, and soft music for a romantic ambiance.

Pay them a compliment. Everyone loves a compliment, especially from a significant other. Look for genuine reasons to compliment them often.

Give a gift for no reason. It can be a very romantic and meaningful gesture when done out of the blue. 

Show your unconditional love. Learn to accept your partner's shortcomings, love them unconditionally and watch romance shine through again.