Making a Difference

For those of us who have a love for animals, but are unsure how to make a difference with the pet population, here’s an easy guide on how you can help homeless pets in Mount Juliet and beyond: 


● Search local rescues and shelters online to find countless adoptable pets. Adopting saves two lives; the pet you take home frees a place for another pet in need! 


● Adopting a purebred, start your search for your rescue on Adoptapet.com, PetFinder.com, or the AKC Rescue Network. 


● A Foster provides a temporary home for pets while the rescue provides food and vet care until they are adopted.  If you’re unsure about adopting your own pet, this is an impactful place to start. 


● Volunteers are always needed at shelters. Many shelter pets need extra love to prepare them for their forever family,  a little one-on-one time with a human can make a difference in their future adoption. 

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