Making A Splash

Let Tara Pools and Spas help you turn your backyard into a summer oasis

As we approach the summer months, one question occupies the minds of southerners everywhere….how can we stay cool during the hottest months of the year? Tara Pools and Spas provides the perfect solution. This locally owned business, which opened their storefront in Thomson last year, offers a wide range of pool services, including installation, maintenance, and an avenue to purchase accessories.

With a variety of above and in-ground pools available, co-owner Wally Stuckey provides guidance to clients on the best pool to fit their needs, budget, and timeline.

According to Wally, the least expensive in-ground pool to install is the vinyl liner pool. “However, with vinyl liner pools, “ says Wally, “according to how you take care of it, you have to swap out liners every five to six years…. which can cost $3,000-$4,000.” He says that, on average, vinyl lined pools take approximately four weeks to install from groundbreaking to completion.

“Fiberglass pools are guaranteed for fifty years,” says Wally, “but you only have certain models and shapes you can choose from.” With an installation average of only two weeks, fiberglass pools are great for clients who have little preference on the pool’s design and are eager to enjoy the water.  

Although gunite pools may take the longest period of time to install, with the average being six weeks, they come with the most design options and are the most durable of all the in-ground pools. “With gunite pools you can have any shape, depth, and design that you want,” explains Wally. “Gunite is put together with shot concrete, steel rebar, and plaster. The pool is there forever. You may spend a little more for a gunite pool, but you have something that your children and grandchildren will still be enjoying after you’re gone.”

The crews at Tara Pools and Spas oversee installations from start to finish, which includes anything from clearing the land to completing the outdoor area with a hot tub, pool house, deck, and outdoor kitchen. In addition to building and installing pools and hot tubs, Tara Pools offers weekly and bi-monthly maintenance service plans and can install new vinyl liners in existing pools.

The Thomson storefront location carries chemicals, pool parts and accessories, grills, and samples of vinyl liners. When it comes to supplying what you need, Wally says, “If you want something and we don’t have it, most of the time we can have it within two days. I like to say, ‘when you buy a pool or have one built with us, we furnish everything except the water.’”

For more information on how Tara Pools and Spas can help you have a cooler summer, contact Wally by calling 706-986-5848, emailing westuckey@comcast.net, or stopping by the store at 1739 Washington Road in Thomson.

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