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Making a Splash

119 Years After it Opened, an Historic Boulder County Public Pool is Revitalized

Article by Linden Butrym

Photography by Stephanie Mikuls

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Nestled against the picturesque crags of Eldorado Canyon, the Eldorado Springs Resort became a go-to getaway when it opened in 1905 and experienced its heyday through the 1910s and 20s. Dubbed “The Coney Island of the West,” the mountain retreat drew the likes of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower and famed conductor Glenn Miller with two luxe hotels and an array of amenities, including a sprawling swimming pool fed by the area’s coveted natural spring water. The pool has remained a beloved Colorado destination for locals and out-of-towners in the decades since. This summer, it’s slated to reopen following a five-year renovation that carefully balances the past and present.

Preserving the pool’s charming Spanish Mission architectural style while offering visitors a contemporary experience was most important to the resort’s team as they considered updates. “We needed to bring all of the amenities up to modern times,” says Erica Larson, director of HR and resort operations. “The pool has new filters and heaters, and a deck on top of brand-new locker rooms. A lot of the pool’s appeal is the deck space.” The pool also features an expanded snack bar offering ice cream, hot dogs and popcorn from local vendors. Visitor comfort was thoughtfully considered in the design as well—the facility is now ADA-accessible and has improved circulation throughout.

Adjacent to the pool is a 1920s grand ballroom that also received a refresh. New floors, windows and bathrooms add elegance to the space, while the historic wooden framing remains (“That’s the coolest part about it,” Erica says).

Those who haven’t yet splashed in the pool or attended an event in the ballroom have probably sipped cold, crisp Eldorado Artesian Springs bottled water. It originates as snowmelt east of the Continental Divide before passing through sandstone and entering the aquifer, which is surrounded by a 200-foot-thick layer of clay that protects it from other groundwater sources. The water is naturally filtered, and a recent hydrogeological study found it to be an impressive 6,000 years old.

“The spring water is a true quality source,” Erica shares, adding that earlier this year, Eldorado won a gold medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Convention, where waters are tested for taste, smell and texture. “You could now say we have the best-tasting water in the world.”

With the long-awaited reopening of the pool, Eldorado turns the page to a new chapter while paying homage to its history and the nostalgia that keeps people returning year after year. But perhaps the most alluring aspect of the pool has always been its location—blended into the base of the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty. “It has been a labor of love,” Erica says. “We’re excited to reopen and have everyone come back because they have so much fun. The pool holds a special place in everyone's hearts.”

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