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Crystal Stephens Shares Her Style

Style is more than what meets the eye; it's a vibe that starts from within and shines outward. Crystal, a former cosmetologist, has always been all about beauty. But as time goes on, she's realizing that real style is more than just outside appearances; it's about staying healthy and happy!

Take a peek at some of Crystal's favorite things that perfectly match her style. These aren't just material possessions; they're expressions of who she is - a mix of class, well-being, and individuality. 

  1. Beautycounter Personal Care Products. These products embody luxurious quality, safe ingredients, and efficacy.  beautycounter.com/crystalstephens

  2. Burn Boot Camp- Experience the power of fitness within a supportive community. burnbootcamp.com

  3. Nuuly- Stay up to date with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. Choose from the trendiest pieces that are delivered to your doorstep!  fbuy.me/uDgJZ

  4. HeyNuts leggings- These leggings offer a cozy and snug fit, perfect for all-day wear, and they come at a wallet-friendly price of just $28.99. https://a.co/d/fhSMthz

  5. L'avant- The perfect balance between modern home decor and non-toxic cleaning solutions. They have become Crystal's absolute favorite for cleaners and soaps. http://rwrd.io/qru4jm1?c

  6. Gorgeous high-end quality furniture at warehouse pricing? Meet Sara Sells, a unique once-a-month shopping experience in a curated warehouse where you can shop quality furniture for less. sarasells.com

Crystal Stephens, an accomplished creative in her own right, is the owner of Crystal Stephens Photography where she specializes in luxury portrait and wedding photography. She is a staff photographer for both Mount Juliet City Lifestyle and Murfreesboro City Lifestyle Magazines. Crystal also serves on the media team of New Tribe Church in Mt. Juliet. 

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